Date: 29th January 2020 at 8:00pm
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Well, looks like we can put this one to bed.

One of the few targets that were left on Birmingham City’s radar was Marcus Maddison of Peterborough United, with reports a few weeks ago claiming that a bid had been accepted by the League One club for his services.

However, it looks as if the negotiations have come to an end after the owner of the Posh tweeted out a message saying that the fight for his services was now down to two clubs, and that Birmingham City were not one of them.

In all honesty, I’m glad that this pursuit is now over and done with, because his position wasn’t really one that we needed during this window. What the club needed the most was someone to put the ball in the back of the net, and ideally someone to help stop the ball going in at the other end.

The club has already solved half of that problem with the introduction of Scott Hogan, although I do still maintain there are some risks to that signing, but at the end of the day, it’s better than nothing.

If the club are still insistent on doing some business in this window, then the priority has to be either a defensive midfielder to sit in front of the defence, or someone to actually join the back line and make it more solid and less leaky, currently holding the distinction as the fourth-worst in the division in terms of goals conceded.

Attacking and central midfield is not the problem right now, we have plenty of options available at those positions who can both create and score goals, like Jude Bellingham, Jeremie Bela, Ivan Sunjic and Dan Crowley, which in my mind should be the starting midfield if everyone is fit and available so the addition of Maddison would not have brought anything to the table.

Do we need another defensive minded player?





Let’s make sure that we don’t waste these last few days of the window, and actually bring in someone that we actually need, rather than just another one of something we’ve got plenty of.

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14 Replies to “Opinion: Blues should be relieved transfer fell through, it gives them a chance to reassess”

  • I was hoping the article was about Hogan – we really are dredging the barrel. Our “transfer chiefs” have proved totally inept in the past and having a “lame duck” puppet Head Coach doesn’t help. Time for Pepxit!!

  • Give the man a chance !!!! He was decent at Brentford and a point to prove to himself no doubt !!?? We are not a top four club who do you expect coming through the for Messi !!???? Get a grip I would have had him when villa bought him !!!

  • Think another forward was needed (a Philip’s type)if juke or Hogan get injured we are back where we started 1 forward .it seems the number of forwards named Hogan was a?last minute panic signing pep gets his 3rd choice however sooner him than gregory.hes got to get his form sometime. But these useless owners and ren the worse of them all must go.and take clotet with them

  • Hogans a great no risk signing,

    Cost £13M

    Not fancied at Villa, did well a shelf Utd last season

    and he can bloody finish.

    Better than what we have end of.

    Welcome Scott


  • What makes people think Scott Hogan, is the answer to anything. I Hope he can prove me wrong but I don’t see it. Villa have the reputation for taking decent players and ruining them.

  • Hogan is an absolute steal. Poacher that we have been crying out for and on a risk free loan who has a point to prove. 3 goals in 4 games for a truly awful Stoke side… Can’t believe the amount of hate the man has gotten before he has even kicked a ball.

    On the Maddison note… how do we not need a right winger? Crowley isn’t a winger and Maghoma is dreadful as well as left sided, and Montero is clearly an impact player due to his weaknesses/injuries.

  • Personally I think Hogan is worth a punt, afterall Juke needs some help and Gimenez is lame at best. So let’s give Hogan a chance, he did very well at Brentford. A shame that Ren couldn’t find a deal with Mr Fry about Maddison, please Ren just leave and take Pep with you! NOW, I’m reading that Watford are interested in Pederson, one of the best players we have – FFS

  • Agreed

    Let’s not forget like Gary Gardner he wants to pull the. Lies shirt on and give it a go.

    Plus he’s decent.

    Would you rather have Wesley at £20M?

    No I thought not.


  • Was gutted we never went in for Hogan at the start of the season, hopefully now we might get a defensive mid, keeper, Manger and new board before the window shuts, that would be nice,

  • Hogan was one a few seasons ago I was talking to my mates in the Tiltion about signing from Brentford. In a January transfer window, then all a sudden Villa brought him for 12 million. I’m happy we have him he will bang the goals in for us.

    We now need a new keeper desperately to compete for the playoffs.

  • Plays offs!!! its not April 1st is it??? SURVIVAL is the main object but lets see what Hogan can do but I think he is too similar to Gimenez, maybe wrong hope I am,would have loved to seen Maddison here because he is a goal scoring midfielder which we desperately want, Dont like the fact that Watford are after Pedersen because knowing Ren if we were offered enough money he would bite their hand off which makes loaning out of Seddon who I think is a far better Wing Back to Pedersen all the more stupid

  • we desperately need cover at the back , keeper, ch, stop going for wingers and then leaving them on the bench, dont think pep has any say in players and ren and co couldnt find what they want on a chinese menutotally inept board hoping we can survive without spending money could catch a cold

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