Date: 23rd December 2018 at 10:54am
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

Whatever goes on with Garry Monk and our squad behind closed doors deserves bottling and selling at an enormous price.

Quite simply this manager has, so far, under very tight restrictions, produced results that have defied normal logic.

Yesterday’s win at Wigan was as clinical as you can get albeit again having low possession. It matters not in our world. Team spirit, player bonding etc is what fans trot out on a regular basis, but this, in my opinion, is only a fraction of the case.

Garry Monk is the one and only reason, with of course his assistants Beattie and Clotet. Quiet and modest Monk may appear but behind that fence must be a ruthless determination to get average players to perform way above their station. Not only that but to get them believe that they are good. Most of these players were shot to pieces in terms of confidence under Cotterill and Zola, underlining their reluctance to elevate themselves to some level of decency.

Today we witness a strike force and two wing men who we wouldn’t swap for any other in this division. Back four who we trust and a midfield that will be a real strength when Davis returns. Even goalkeeper Camp is beginning to blossom under Monk. What was once thought of as a real set back at the start of the season with the embargo kicking in has completely reversed itself by the close knit mentality of the thinnest of squads, resulting in a tantalising sniff of a playoff spot.

Heaven knows what we will be feeling should Stoke leave pointless on Boxing Day. Again I go back to the Monk impact and his ability to get the players to believe in themselves which in turn has spilled over to us fans, who enter the festive games in good spirits and a new belief in our club thanks to the excellent direction of the man we so admire.

Merry Christmas every bluenose.


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  • There is a lot of good managers out there that have been out of work for a while now …all because they jumped ship for a better future and failed …best to stick with the team that’s playing well for you most managers don’t produce in the high champs …or the prem until they reach 60 so to many go too early for the top and end up out of work and no better financially ..BLUES are looking like a challenging side and will only fed better the summer they might be able to buy a couple of players to strengthen the squad to make us a force to be reckoned with next season ….put your money on promotion next season

  • If and only if we could get a quality midfielder and another forward on loan in January to boost the squad options then we just might have a chance of the playoffs. There has to be more clarification on who actually owns BCFC? How can fans put pressure on the club for an answer? Where are the like’s of Tom Ross, Jasper Carrott etc who can throw some weight behind this simple question?

  • Malcolm X makes a good point. We know certain facts such as TTA and Paul Suen,and we know a little about Birmingham Sports Holdings,and a bit about Dragon Villa and a wee bit about the crazy named Cambodia Project. All makes for fuzzy wuzzy reading,but seriously we know nothing except TTA are not calling in their loan of £25 million for another two years. May be a good thing or maybe not. My feeling is that nobody has seriously approached the club with a view to buying it as TTA were hoping.Many fans remain hopeful that one day somebody will take this club forward as it deserves.We see Forest,Sheff.Wednesday,Leeds all acquire new owners and wonder why not us? Something puts buyers off and one can only surmise that it must have a lot to do with tha complicated ownership that forever fogs up the whole scenario.This as a result of Sullivan and Gold (IMO) deciding on who they sold to.

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