Date: 31st July 2018 at 6:00pm
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Daniel Ivery’s report on the transfer embargo was confirmed when the club finally made a statement on the EFL ban yesterday.

The blogger has now called on the chief executive Xuandong Ren to resign due to the poor handling of the club’s affairs during the past couple of months:

Fans on Twitter were mostly behind Ivery in wanting Ren to leave:


It’s hard to know exactly what’s being going on so I will refrain from being as damning as Ivery, but it’s clear that Garry Monk was promised this would be sorted, and it clearly hasn’t been.

From the playing side of things, the manager has been left in a really difficult position. He has transfer listed certain players on the proviso that he could replace them.

With that not looking possible before August 9th, he either has to go back to some of those on the transfer list or persists with the threadbare squad that he has. The club have really not done Monk any favours to say the least.

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3 Replies to “‘He has to go’ ‘Utterly Damning’ – Many Birmingham Fans React To Call For Chief Executive To Resign”

  • Reading the terms of the ’embargo’ Getting Stockdale and the Pole plus Grounds off the payroll would help to redress the FFP balance. Problem is no-one wants them. Redknapp has screwed us big time . Ren comes off as naive and where is the other guy in all this. I just hope that the fans and Gary Monk keep faith with each other.
    Problem is now of motivation. Asking the current squad to keep us up the table on relatively low wages so that when things take an upswing they can be replaced with higher paid players.

  • I am fairly certain that our main concern centres around Garry Monk.We fans have got a manager who we hugely respect and we don’t want to lose him.My belief is that Dragon Villa were the instigators who claimed Monk back in last winter and also sold him the future.This future being that eventually DV would be our new owners etc. Monk I feel would never had committed if it were down to Ren and TTA. DV are due to achieve over 50% of ownership by 2019 and this is when the serious stuff begins. This mismanagement by whoever at TTA may and I hope be an impetus for DV to accelerate their overall push for total control. This is my belief and hope as I just cannot imagine Monk being wooed last winter by an incompetent TTA and their hapless CEO.

  • He has to go. We know we have a superb Administrative team at Birmingham and have had that for years. But this is a CEO who does not have the experience and appears to be giving wrong information to our beloved manager and to China. This problem requires action NOW.

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