Date: 31st July 2018 at 5:30pm
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The club released a statement yesterday confirming that the club have been hit with a transfer embargo by the EFL.

It followed a spokesman from the league telling the BBC earlier on the day that the club had been informed of the ban on July 13th, with details of the requirements for having it lifted.

Fans on Twitter were not surprised by the announcement but disappointed by the lack of communication from the club over the past couple of weeks:


The statement doesn’t tell us anything more than we already know, but at least we are not relying on hearsay or rumour anymore. It seems likely that the EFL will only lift the ban once we generate more income from player sales.

Press Association Sport journalist Nick Mashiter says the club are hoping the sell-on fee from Stoke selling Jack Butland before deadline day could hope, but really, they shouldn’t be relying on the keeper being sold.

It’s likely other players will need to be sold or Garry Monk will be unable to make any new additions before August 9th. The club have obviously given the manager assurances that this will be sorted out going by his recent interviews, but the club have not delivered on their promise so far.

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3 Replies to “‘Supporters deserve better than these clowns’ – Some Birmingham Fans Unhappy As Club Finally Speaks On Embargo”

  • Over it again and again and again and again and again and again it’s not going to change the more you talk about it stop now. This website has turned into a trash site just like all the other trash sites we’ve trash writers banging on about the same old thing making it they know something when they know f*** all.

  • We do not want to sell star players again just because the owners and board can’t cut it financially …the owners need to get somebody to buy in . That may help in the Chinese governments spending per wealth percentage rules …but it seems to me that to many are buying clubs with the attitude that if they can’t cut it we can always sell the young stars , that is not going to get owners a top class team and world wide sales on football kit.. we need owners that slap their own backsides if they are not making the club break even but at the same time acquiring very good young players so that Gary Monk gets 15 quality young players all coming of age and quality together ,.and giving blues a strong platform to move to the top …COME ON T.T.A. GET MORE BACKING ..

  • We are where we are! We all knew that we were under an embargo and we were told it would be sorted by the start of the season. If it is not sorted by then we need to put pressure on the board for lying and deceit.
    As we have been kept in the dark regarding what is required to please the EFL and remove the embargo I look across the city and question the apparent double standards.
    We now know the scum were also on a transfer embargo but because they now have new investors it was lifted! How does that stop them losing money and surely if they just pump in more money they are / will be even worse off by the end of the season according to FFP rules?
    Are the EFL saying TTA can’t put new money in to us but new money can go in to keep the scum afloat.
    The EFL need to be more open if they really do have the game at heart as they said when QPR were given fines over 10 years so that the financial strains wouldn’t put them out of business.
    Surely stopping us from bringing in new players is more likely to put us out of business, or at least relegates us to where we can’t earn enough to survive!

    Someone, somewhere needs to tell the hard working, loyal supporters what is really going on, is that too much to ask?

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