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“Have a day off please”- Many Blues fans left exasperated after crucial first-half incident

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Well, when it rains it pours.

I think that’s probably the best way we can sum up what happened in the first-half at St Andrews.

Blues, a team struggling to find the back of the net since the restart, with only four goals in the six games they’ve played so far, were presented with a golden opportunity to put that to bed when they were awarded a penalty for only the third time this season in the latter stages of the opening half.

Whilst you might expect the duty to fall to fall to the club’s top scorer this season, Lukas Jutkiewicz, it was instead taken by Scott Hogan. Despite getting his initial effort on target, it was saved by the goalkeeper, and he could only steer his rebound over the top of the bar to squander a great opportunity.

Should the club be making plans to buy Scott Hogan?





And given everything that’s going on, it was no surprise to see that Blues fans weren’t best pleased with the outcome.

What about you? What did you think when Hogan missed this effort?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Funny how Hogan has gone from Hero to Zero, 3 months ago he was the best since slice bread and every Blues fan wanted to sign him,very fickle is the fan

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    He has lost his momentum. But but to be fair the initial save was a good one. One point away from guaranteed safety come on Blues get it.


  • Chris Martin says:

    Once again we’re left relying on other teams to screw up.

    • John flavel says:

      How do you work that one out we have two games left they have two games left it’s still very much in our own hands. One point away from mathematically guaranteed safety. Five points clear of the relegation zone. It will take a lot now for us to get relegated.

  • Michael Tomkinson says:

    come on lads work it out luton v hull , wigan v charlton forget barnsley , any 2 of those teams don get max points their down so were safe , they cant all get max points

  • Roy says:

    You’ve all forgot one thing. That damnedSt Àndrews curse. And before you laugh let me take you back to 1956 and this just one of many incidents. A hot afternoon at Wembley. Govan crosses on to the head of Brown who heads it down to Murphy who gets taken out at the knees by Traughtmann and by the way by today’s rules that would have been a red card and penalty. Goalie breaks his neck in two places. And what happens? He gets up makes one great save after another when doctors can’t understand why he’s still alive let alone playing so don’t anyone think this curse is a myth.

    • Gerald Richards says:

      I was at that match. I think that your point about Trautman is very doubtful and, anyway, I,’m sorry to say that on the day we didn’t deserve to win.

  • Martin key says:

    I have very good solid information. Regarding who will be the next manager. It’s Paul Cook
    100% in talks with the club and board. That does not mean he will take the job or he will be offered the job but it does mean he is now now the favourite.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      Good shout I thought that was Paper Talk but I have heard that the club has made their approach in the process of sorting out compensation.

      I for one would be very happy with him always gets the kids playing good football play The nice Style and has had two promotions. I think he fits the bill perfectly.

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