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“Get over it”, “stupid statement”- Some Blues fans rip into boss over his controversial comments

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I suppose it wasn’t going to take long for the subject to rear its ugly head in our direction.

V.A.R has been a hot button topic all season in English football, and now Birmingham City have managed to get themselves embroiled in it after a controversial decision on Wednesday night against Millwall.

And Blues boss Pep Clotet has had his say on the matter, saying that he believes that V.A.R should be brought in to the Championship, because it has cost the Blues on too many occasions this season:

“A few situations this season have stopped us getting into a position where we would have had more points and been much higher up the table. When I say much, I mean much because everything is so tight you would think about six-seven points more. I don’t mind staying ten more minutes in the game but get the three points from yesterday because it was deserved.”

However, despite the uproar that it caused amongst the Birmingham City fans in the aftermath of the Millwall game, it seems as though V.A.R isn’t on the agenda for Blues fans at the moment as they slammed both the idea, and Clotet for even suggesting it in the first place.

Are you a fan of V.A.R?





I wonder if views would be different if the team was in a promotion/relegation battle when every point counted?

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  • Roy Smith says:

    We just need better refs? And where do we get them from? A magic referee tree?
    Sort out the rules for offside, a finger, shoulder or big toe has never been sufficient to make a player offside except under the idiot head of refereeing we currently have, Get rid of him and install someone who, as Tom Ross says understands the game not just the rules, make Refs take responsibility instead of passing the buck to anonymous arbiters in a mystic TV centre miles away and VAR could be effective.

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    I agree that we may have got some better decisions from refs in some games if they had VAR to look back on but I also think we would have lost just as many to VAR. I prefer the idea of having refs that are trained in the understanding of the game and not just the rules the understanding that human being uses their arms for balance when you’re walking in the Air. You have to raise your arms in order to get lift. All things make it a physical game. VAR the way it has been used in the prem is a complete fares. A toe out and no goal ridicules

    What happened to the role being from the attackers furthest backheel to the offensive line.
    That was clear and decisive. If the attackers backheel was in front of the defensive line then the attaker was offside if the attakers backheel was behind that line the attacker was on side so simple.


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