Date: 12th December 2019 at 8:30pm
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Whichever way you look at it, and whatever we are led to believe, Birmingham City’s owners want success on the field. Fifteenth in the league and slipping is not looking good.

From the optimism of possible upward travel, to looking downward at the deadwood, is now a reality. When you’re a home team with its support and you cannot turn over a poor side like Queens Park Rangers, then something is wrong.

Yes we won at Reading, following a run of three draws, which was decent but before that we had a poor run of defeats, all in a meagre return of points.

What makes everything so disappointing is the way we play in the final third of the pitch which is bordering on dire. Tuesday night’s defeat was a bitter pill to swallow and again highlights the frailties we face when strikers are meant to score.

Bellingham is not potent as he should be and his assists are not materialising. No fault of his I quickly jump in, but surely the weekly coaching at Wast Hills should make him better. Playing matches is good for experience and rightly so but the improvement week by week has to be the aim. Are we seeing players improving is questionable?

This week heralded an opportunity to build on the Reading result but with the QPR loss being a horrible jolt, we now need to get something from West Brom on Saturday. League positioning is everything and slipping further will haunt our newly promoted head coach.

The next transfer window must give our owners some thought, but if we drop among the dead men, then deep pockets will probably not be entered. Possession football has improved by Clotet’s blueprint but the real weapon needed to actually win games of football has disappointingly been by-passed. This vital ingredient may well prove costly to him despite his recent promotion in terms of status.

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8 Replies to “Fifteenth and slipping is not what the Blues hierarchy want”

  • The appointment and timing was totally inappropriate. Promotion should be results based and he does not tick that box. We cannot afford to let him bring in any more low division Spanish players who take forever to adjust. If we don’t recruit a decent striker who pressures the opposition we are dead in the water.

  • Until blues can stop conceding goals to every team we play then we wont win any match.
    We struggle to score so we should enddure we dont concede at all. We have had this problem gor 3 years now and all succesful teams learn how to defend before concentrating on scoring . Wake up now or be relegated !!

  • Three goal scorers from Saturday (1st one was Jude’s in all but name), were all off the field after 60 mins. Left with only 5 goals from all season. What a chance this was but we do it every season after a good result we have a low key tripe mid week game. Bolton two years ago and Millwall last season. Happy to stay up now. Pep goes I wont lose any sleep

  • Lose against West Brom.and all hopes of a better season will vanish. Only one winner at the end of this futile barmy experiment that was totally unnecessary is the current Sheffield Wednesday Manager.

  • QPR were the better team, they were faster to the ball in every area and defended correctly something we did not do end off. If you analyse our wins this year nearly all have been against teams below us, our record against the top teams is really shocking so that says a lot.I have said all along Job Titles mean nothing and Clotet is not the man to take us on and I really cannot see us making the play offs now after that result on Wednesday

  • Clotet goes on about fitness levels and who has them in the course of first eleven etc. Give me a below fitness player who puts the ball in the net antime on a consistent basis. Frank Worthington a good example. Fed up with this hype of superb athleticism over actually getting players who deliver.

  • Need courage today against a good Albion team. Bring back Davis to strengthen midfield and Juke up front. Blood and sweat will get us a point.

  • Massive test for Clotet today.Unlike previous games when the emphasis has been on trying to achieve quality and possession etc.,this game against WBA is about bottle and you need that to inspire your team .Hope I am proved wrong but unsure as to whether Clotet has that in his locker.

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