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“Exciting rather than daunting”: Blues journalist believes things are on the up at St Andrew’s

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Things really ae starting to look up at St Andrew’s.

And when the views are coming from someone as Blues-centric as Brian Dick, then you know that there is some credibility behind it. Blues continued their unbeaten start to the season on Saturday with a 0-0 draw away at Swansea.

Coupled with the opening day victory over Brentford, that’s a win and a draw against two teams that finished last season in the playoffs, whilst keeping clean sheets in both games to boost, so at least on these first two outings (let’s ignore the League Cup game briefly), we’re starting to make that progress that some had predicted us to make.

And Dick has thrown his hat into the ring as one of the pundits, along with former Blue Clinton Morrison, that have been incredibly impressed by not only the results we’ve been getting, but the performances that have gone along with it:

It’s early days yet of course, but if we can keep this up, then who knows what Blues might have in store for us this campaign.

What about you? Have you been impressed by what you’ve seen so far from Blues?

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    A good solid 2 or 3 goal victory against Rotherham and I will start to be optimistic. Anything less and we are not yet out of the doldrums.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      Any win Will do the job why would we be in the doldrums if we won 1-0. A win is a win. Even if we don’t win I am still positive about this season negativity needs to stop its negativity that in forces are losing mentality.

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