Date: 14th August 2019 at 8:00am
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I was drawn to the news yesterday that Kerim Mrabti has reportedly become a target for German side Hamburg and Portuguese side Braga.

What I discovered when researching an article on it, was that Mrabti only had twelve months left on his contract. And whist the club does have the option of extending his stay at St Andrew’s for another year, I maintain that now is the time to sell him, because his value will only go downhill due to his lack of playing time.

In that same frame of mind, I pondered how many other members of the Blues’ squad had a limited shelf life left at the club.

So although the Championship window has officially closed, there is still the chance that Birmingham will receive offers for some of their players, so here are three players I still think have the potential to go out on loan or even be sold before the end of the international and lower league windows.

David Stockdale: As much as I hate to say it, I think his time at the club has come to an end. I still maintain that he is the better of the keepers between him and Lee Camp, but seeing as the latter has started the season as the first choice, with Moha Ramos waiting in the wings to take over, it’s time for him to depart St Andrew’s. This one I can more than likely see being a loan down into League One, similar to last year when he spent time with Wycombe Wanderers & Southend United.

Jacques Maghoma: Someone else who isn’t necessarily a bad player, but is likely to have his chances limited because of who is ahead of him. Although he started the first game of the season against Brentford, once the likes of Fran Villalba & Alvaro Gimenez lock down the two spots behind Lukas Jutkiewicz, he’s going to find his game time ever slowly decreasing. Whilst there may not be any bidders in for him now, if the club make him available, I can picture someone coming in for him. Possibly his former side Burton Albion.

Jonathan Grounds: A bit of a journeyman footballer, Grounds is another player who is going to find his time at the club limited, with Kristian Pedersen inserted as the first choice left-back this season. He spent last season on loan at Bolton Wanderers and although issues off the field didn’t make things easy, he didn’t make much of an impression there, only making 13 appearances. This one again I can see being a loan, probably to a League One club.

What do you think? Do you think these players still have time left at the club? Or do you think there are players I’ve missed out that could do with leaving?

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19 Replies to “Could there be a mass exodus at St Andrew’s in the coming weeks – Opinion?”

  • tbh I am not sure what is going on with your views recently but they seem to be different from others. We were crying out on saturday for someone to attack defenders in the full back position (maghoma). we played some great football until the last 3rd. Juke looked isolated and I dont think crowley and viallalba can play in the same 11. I am not quite sure what crowley did during the game with effect. The spanish lad was immense. Id get shut of grounds, as for keita he is more interested in posting photos on social network than kicking a ball. As for Kerim Mrabti he needs to be given more time and is a decent enough player. We have an option so why would we sell him!!

  • I disagree with nearly every point!
    1.) Mrabti – We have not seen the best from him – and even what we have seen is pretty good. If we got rid now, we still wouldn’t get much so much better to hold on to him, even if he doesn’t get much game time he is needed on the bench at the very least
    2.) Stockdale – the fact he has only gone to league 1 & 2 sides on loan would indicate that he has lost it and has no incentive to get ‘IT’ back again….. if he did, he would shed some of that weight. We will not miss him in his current form
    3.) Mags – although his best days are behind him, again he will be needed for the squad because injuries will happen. We already have a wafer thin squad, we need to keep!

  • Stockdale is a better keeper than Camp?, maybe once upon a time but not now, you obviously didn’t see the games against Pompey and Brighton he was awful, as well as his keeping his kicking was pathetic and the sooner he’s gone the better along with Grounds who I think has always been a liability and i’d go as far to say the worst LB i’ve seen in 50 years of supporting Blues. I ‘d like to see Mrabti given more of a chance, I think getting rid of him now might be a bit premature but I suppose if we got a fee then maybe it could be a good deal. Kieta i’m afraid will never make the 1st team and needs to be off the books, and I’m not sure how much of a future Mags has at the club either, I like Jaques but he’s too inconsistent, he could be brilliant one game and absolutely dire the next!!. I think If the club are to move forward then we need to get rid of all the dead wood.

  • What a pathetic article this is. Yeah there’s no transfer window open but European clubs can still buy players no European clubs are looking at our player’s Otherthan Mrabti . Mass exodus how pathetic. If anyone wanted grounds he was listed as a free transfer no one was interested he will see how his contract. Stockdale will most likely see out his contract but we should list him as a free transfer because no one’s going to pay money for him and camp is a lot better than him. Mags is a good player and a hard worker He is needed now more than ever. We need to keep Mrabti he is very different to our other midfielders and can play as a winger. He offers us something different and there’s a lot more to come from him given the chance he could be a first-team regular. Comes on does his job never puts a foot wrong. I’m starting to think we have Villa fans writing articles. KRO

    • So because Vassell scores on his debut we’ve made a terrible error?
      His career record as a goal scorer is woeful at best.

  • Ditto to Chris.

    Stockdale is of no use whatsoever. We have young keepers out on loan who would be more use to us.
    Grounds has never been good enough and Keita has one or two assets but has several in front of him.
    Pay them all off! As out of contract they are more likely to get another club.

  • Interesting article?

    Is Talk Sport’s Adrian Durram your agent?

    Just because Vasell scored a tap in doesn’t mean he is going to outstanding.

    Davis and Vassell looked off the pace last season at the end following injuries but Davis has responded Vassell hasn’t.


  • The quality of writing at Vital Football (Blues anyway) is atrocious. I used to think the kid named Bray was bad, but this guy is no better…I wonder if he actually follows or understands football?

    Are you writing this “tongue in cheek”?

    The English main window is shut, and whilst there are clubs that would probably like Stockdale, I’d imagine his wages to be astronomical to most lower league clubs…and I doubt too many foreign clubs are interested…so I fear we are stuck with him.

    Grounds could of gone at anytime, but nobody wants him or will pay the wages he wants, so he’ll see out his contract and we are stuck with him.

    Keita once did a drag back near the touchline and from that day forward around half of Blues fans believe him to be the next Roberto Carlos. He has pace, and errr pace….and don’t forget his pace. Done nothing on loan and his career is at footballing giants Virtus Estella and Eupen…nobody wants, stuck with him.

    Mrabti and Mags…so you seriously think that now we have a few new signings filling the first team spots, we don’t need any other players? Injuries? Suspensions? Don’t you think experience and quality backup might be needed?

    Kid, I think you’ve spent too much time on Championship manager…there will be no “exodus” and you should seriously consider your hobby of “football journalism”

    The guy who says Villalba and Crowley can’t play in the same team????
    I’m speechless…I can only think you are the head cheerleader of the “GERRINTOEM, FUGEMOFF” brigade and you hark back to the days of 442 with lads that play with “pashun” and “grit”

    Time to move on my friend…you’ll be ok, I promise.

    • Darren Nelson it’s unfair to say that this guy spends too much time on Championship manager, he’s just not intelligent enough for that mate, his information comes from that real top sorce which is Twitter, you know that site where people that have never been to a game in their lives know everything there is to know about football and blues in particular but in reality know absolutely nothing!!!

  • Villalba and Crowley were outstanding on saturday. Stockdale does not want to be at our great club Grounds is not good enough. what the other guys have said time to move on.

  • Stockdale – Move on, has looked awful
    Grounds – Move on, never rated him as a LB. At best a squad LCB
    Mrabti – Keep, useful squad player
    Maghoma – Keep, useful squad player
    Keita – Move on, I thought he looked good but I think he wants away

  • Davis surprised me with a outstanding performance against Bristol City…really thought his place maybe under threat in the new system but he really stepped up , Mrabti I would keep, Maghoma I would move on because he is not going to get any better at his age and he is far too inconsistant, Grounds, Kieta and Stockdale must get rid of.

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