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Blues spiralling out of control

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Too many defeats are now becoming too predictable for Birmingham City.

With eleven loss in the Championship before Christmas, well, it is truly shocking. Not only are the defeats damaging but the goals against column is disturbing. We appear to be rudderless as regards leadership and character, mixed in with virtually every player going backwards in terms of development or improvement.

One exception being Jude Bellingham.

We are simply a poor Birmingham squad under the current regime. We have become a sterile force that now yearns mediocrity and dreams of mid table security. Basically we need an overhaul and damn quick. Pointing at individuals is useless and slamming the set up is time-wasting, as only a totally new way of going forward is the answer. Mistake after mistake in taking crucial decisions by the owners is backfiring spectacularly with little hope that this will end.

BCFC is, in my opinion, a lower league club just waiting to happen. Action needs to be taken and not just replacing the Head Coach. When we were under threat a few years ago, Ernst Young stepped in and TTA came to the table. This now needs to happen with the playing side of the club and a complete new outlook. When good players under recent managers like Monk become poor then something is wrong.

We need strong management and a total break up of this ridiculous foreign experiment that we are currently experiencing. Continuing like we are we shall be staring at a very low gap above the bottom three clubs by January 1st. Barnsley,Luton and Wigan appear to have more in their locker than we currently do. Should this current state of shambolic performances continue then I can see Jude Bellingham being withdrawn from the mire and taught elsewhere. This is just one of the casualties we face if we continue as we are. Strong leadership is required and trusted at that.

Pep Clotet and staff have given it a go and fallen short. That is the kindest way of putting it. Continue with them and we will find we will emulate Sunderland. Twenty eight points is a decent start for us going forward towards safety under different leadership- it is nor however a good number if we carry on with the current state.

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