Date: 22nd December 2019 at 8:00pm
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Too many defeats are now becoming too predictable for Birmingham City.

With eleven loss in the Championship before Christmas, well, it is truly shocking. Not only are the defeats damaging but the goals against column is disturbing. We appear to be rudderless as regards leadership and character, mixed in with virtually every player going backwards in terms of development or improvement.

One exception being Jude Bellingham.

We are simply a poor Birmingham squad under the current regime. We have become a sterile force that now yearns mediocrity and dreams of mid table security. Basically we need an overhaul and damn quick. Pointing at individuals is useless and slamming the set up is time-wasting, as only a totally new way of going forward is the answer. Mistake after mistake in taking crucial decisions by the owners is backfiring spectacularly with little hope that this will end.

BCFC is, in my opinion, a lower league club just waiting to happen. Action needs to be taken and not just replacing the Head Coach. When we were under threat a few years ago, Ernst Young stepped in and TTA came to the table. This now needs to happen with the playing side of the club and a complete new outlook. When good players under recent managers like Monk become poor then something is wrong.

We need strong management and a total break up of this ridiculous foreign experiment that we are currently experiencing. Continuing like we are we shall be staring at a very low gap above the bottom three clubs by January 1st. Barnsley,Luton and Wigan appear to have more in their locker than we currently do. Should this current state of shambolic performances continue then I can see Jude Bellingham being withdrawn from the mire and taught elsewhere. This is just one of the casualties we face if we continue as we are. Strong leadership is required and trusted at that.

Pep Clotet and staff have given it a go and fallen short. That is the kindest way of putting it. Continue with them and we will find we will emulate Sunderland. Twenty eight points is a decent start for us going forward towards safety under different leadership- it is nor however a good number if we carry on with the current state.

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35 Replies to “Blues spiralling out of control”

  • Season ticket holder for years now and the general feeling of despair is all around the stadium. Weak in most areas and players well past it now. Strong Goalkeeper,two big centre backs and a couple of forwards who know how to succeed.Tactics are non existent and visiting teams can pick us off when upping their game.When you look at Monk and Rowett and their new teams you just look with envy.How did we ever get into this mess.

  • We should have Chris Hughton or the Coventry guy in charge. I hate the thought of Clotet having the fate of the club recruiting in January. If we go down we will be like Sunderland and Portsmouth – it wont be a quick return. Time for fans to start protesting en masse and not accepting the ongoing weak excuses (resorting to whining about the lack of penalties0. The on-field captain has no motivational skills and the coaching staff allow the same errors (set piece defending) to go on week after week. I am in Australia and dread Sunday mornings when the results come through – you fans in the UK need to start using “people power” to get some action.

  • Very interesting blog Mitchell. Lets look at true facts : Clotet is a nice guy,nice guys dont get the prizes. He is out of his depth at Championship . Tactically very poor. Look where Sheffield Wednesday are,end of..dont give me the “Monk was out of order etc,etc, What on earth was Clotet and Board thinking when appointing Gardner as 1st Team Coach…I mean c’mon they guy has loads to learn yet and would be better off at a lower league club and learn the trade….Not at this level surely? 8th from bottom and sinking further by each game…One win in 9 games tells it all . Next two games(Blackburn and Leeds)…can you honestly see any points being gained here..Honestly? Urgent response needed from these inept Owners.. Bring in Warnock or Allardyce now and only until the end of the season when we can then appoint a modern thinking manager. The question is…are the board capable of identifying such? Ofcourse we all know they are not capable! Serious changes need to be done tomorrow My final Christmas message to Santa Claus : I dont ask for much,just give my club a new manager,new owners and quality players..I’m not asking for the world but after 10 years of crap its time for big changes…Season Greetings fellow Bluenoses!

  • Blimey that was hard hitting Malcolm X but I have to say your spot on with your points. Unfortunately matey I just dont see any big changes happening soon other than Clotet being removed. I fear the Owners would bring in a double act of Gardener and Robinson for the short term..Sorry to ruin everyones Christmas with that thought!!! KRO Muckers


  • Sort yourselves and your emotions out. It was all talk about Play-Offs after we beat Reading.
    13 goals conceded in five games is one half of the problem. The goalkeeper was changed and a rookie centre half is playing completely out of his depth. Both I might add are putting pressure on the other players due to lack of experience and having to be coached by the other players during games.
    We didn’t sign a striker before the deadline due to being gazumped with only two days to go so ended up with a fourth choice striker just to make up the numbers and hope.
    What exactly are you expecting and what difference do you think a different manager could make with the current player situation? Slagging everyone off is hardly going to help their confidence is it?

    Sure I’m not happy with the situation but at least have the patience and intelligence to wait until after January before making any rash comments.

  • Unfortunately it is about results however against WestBrom got done by a quality forward but played well
    Probably went to expansive at Hull.

    It is difficult when you are missing two decent centre halves and don’t have a quality finisher.

    Is this Peps fault?

    Championship is tough it could still get better.

    Until recently home form was good and away form had picked up.

    I think too many changes were made on Saturday.

    This guys blog has all the hallmarks of a non Blues fan.


    • let’s face it we are on the slippy slide, lost the last three, no need to panic we know, I’ve been a bluenose for many years, good times bad times more bad than good sorry to say, and over the years I’ve come to the conclusion birmingham city do everything, yes everything on the cheap, right from the top to the bottom, always looking for the cheapest players, make do coach, make do manager, and tight board, well its about time the fans responded and the only way to respond is hit them where it hurts the most on the turnstiles, tell the board you put the money in so will we the fans, sorry it’s the only way to get things done, no more for me, happy Christmas bluenose s sorry k R O.

  • I agree we need new leadership and fast, before we in trust another window and waste more money on the wrong players, think Big Sam or Houghton would be a good appointment, if we could convince them to take the job with our track record and not just until the end of the season, we really need stability to move forward and it would be nice to have the same Manger for a few years. It worked for Sheffield United

  • Three things that could save our season
    1. Sign a goalie preferably Joe Hart
    2. Sign a striker preferably Dwight Gayle
    3. Get a new manager, imo go all out to get Steven Gerrard from Rangers, he’s done well at a lower level of football (the SPL) now it’s time for a massive step up to the English Championship!.

  • Warnock .or alladice yes but these useless owners will never employ them because they wont take crap from these awful owners and be told to play attractive football(losing football that is ) clotet as a awful record 1 win in 9 he had a bad record at oxford but these owners like a yes man and hes that .what is needed are new owners who actually know football. And care about the club. We have good players but they are lions guided by a lamb
    We need a manager who as complete control but its not going to happen

  • When you see Villa in the top league and ourselves dicing with relegation again and real prospect of league one IF NOTHING IS DONE,then we as supporters want change. Clotet and Gardner send shivers down every true Bluenose. Should we have to rely on safety with this cheap option then heaven help us.

  • You are all getting carried away. Pep C is trying to change the way the club plays football and also bring through younger players into the first team. This takes time, and he should be given time. The players have bought into this and now need to play this new style of football at a much faster pace. This would give the strikers a much better chance of creating openings and scoring more goals
    If you look at how many points Camp cost us earlier in the season we would be much higher in the league. Connal has looked good since he has been picked. Geraldo has been given a chance and has done a reasonably good job. He needs experience and the only way to get it is by playing first team football.
    I would agree that we could do with someone to put the ball in the net to play alongside Juke who I believe has been carrying a injury for a few weeks.
    Finally give the owners credit they have pumped millions into our club and have tried to improve the club generally. Give them a break and support the team, talk of boycotting is ridiculous. Try vocally supporting the team, sometimes you can hear a pin drop during home games it is that quiet. Come on guys KRO and Merry Xmas.

  • It’s toxic articles from people who are none blues fans like (Mitchell Bray.) That’s what we need to sort out that’s what needs to stop! stop reading this shit.

    It’s a load of negativity that’s not needed. If you take a book and strip out all the good points and only portray the bad points things will only look bad.

    And that is all this article does.

    @Mitchell Bray??? Who are yeah who are yeah who are yeah.

    • John are deluded and misunderstand who some of us are. I for one can assure you that i am a blues fan for over 53 years,and went to my first match at St.Andrews on the 30th September 1967 v’s Millwall, we lost 3-2 after being 2-0 up, and then the following week went to Villa Park and won 4-2. I have been a season ticket holder since 1969 and still follow blues away….Now tell us about yourself…oh its gone a little quiet???? I am also aware through another ‘valued subscriber ‘to these blogs that Mitchell Bray has been a Blues supporter since the 1950’s so get this firmly understood we are genuine blues fans. I certainly don’t intentionally spout negativity, just straight talking from the heart and with factual comments…happy to share with you again soon.

      • Hey, Malcomb X I went to that game at the WC when we won 4-2. We stood on the Holte End, it got quite nasty, Barry Bridges took them apart and I think it was also Fred Pickering. The highlights were on TV the next day but the sun was in the cameras and they could only show the second half. KRO one of the better days for Blues.

        • Your spot in Granaldo, just a shame Bridges didn’t “turn up’ when we next went to Vanilla Park in the April of ’68 when we lost to the Baggies in the FA Cup Semi Final,but Big Fred Pickering did everythIng he could but Osbourne played the game of his life in goal..Happy days…KRO

  • The board has no plan at all…..Owners should look at the Brentford model for planning, they knew years ago they were planning to buy a new Stadium so they adopted a policy of buying players and selling them on for fortunes ie Jota,Colin,Dean,Maupay to name a few and banked the profits, had no problems letting Dean Smith go to the Vile last year and all they did was to recruit a forwarding thinking young Coach and continued to pick up bargains and will in my opinion be in the Premiership next year, so get down the bookies my friends!!!!. Another Club who had a concerted plan was Sheffield United, 6 years ago in League One, but stuck with one Manager and look at them now??? All our lot want is immediate results without any forward planning at all and it just not happen like that, its a recipe for disaster but its been like that for ages now and I cant honestly see a change in thinking with the current Board. I used to be a optimistic pessimist but now I am turning into a pessimistic pessimist every time I hand my Season ticket over at the turnstiles

    • Less than half a season into a new philosophy yet you are comparing to clubs who have been doing things this way for six years with the same manager. Sounds like you are arguing with yourself.
      The club have stated that these are the philosophies we are going to emulate so what exactly do you expect in half a season and why are you complaining. Give it at least one season and see if it shows signs of working.

    • Tracey,excellent comments and we share your thoughts…John Flavell…getting the picture now that we are all Blues fans speaking from the hears….and still pay our money to support our beloved Blues,even if we may seem quote”negative’.

  • Years of poor investment & ownership with no footballing business ability. I would go and get the best young manager coming up through the trade – Karl Robinson from Oxford. Very organised & tactically astute, improving fast & bigger things to come from him.

    • GAZAL don’t call your own supporters idiots just because their opinion differs to yours, that is a low and cowardly thing to do when you’re hiding behind your keyboard. If you’re too embarrassed to share a stadium with fans with differing opinions then maybe football isn’t the game for you. Maybe you’re happy with the state of our club but the majority aren’t. Last season it looked like we had turned a corner and had something to build on with Gary Monk and now we seem to have taken a huge step backwards, fans are fed up and rightly so.

  • Well said Chris, at least we were stable with Gary Monk and he I am sure would have had a plan for us, I just hope that if the current situation lingers on and on we do not leave it to the last minute to try and rectify it.

    • Tracey Tyler, thanks Tracey, I heard today that Pep may have just 2 games left, the main man from TTA has been in brum for the last few weeks and it’s been said he’s not happy atm, he goes back to China next week and he could make the decision to sack Pep before he goes.

    • Monk had plans but not in line with what the owners want. Hound the owners out and they will throw in the towel and hang us out to dry. Best option is to get behind them and get more out of them. I’ve owned a business for over 45 years and understand what makes owners tick and it certainly isn’t rebellion. I also know that slagging people off is demotivating so most of what I read on this glass half empty blog site upsets me because i understand it does no good at all. I too have supported Blues since the early 60’s but never profess to know more than the owners, coaches or players, but do know what makes them do better and want to do better for the fans.
      Spend a moment thinking about it and consider how you would perform if faced with the same pressure and comments and please try to get things into perspective even if only to prevent stress and sleepless nights.

  • Second that Tracey. Supporters like Gazal and the tiresome John Flavel are typical of those who accept anything and then complain when it’s too late. For once will this pair face reality and accept we need to do something before we drop into the abyss. Would hate them in the trenches etc..

  • All comments received in 2019 have been wonderfully varied and created much debate. Everyone has made genuine heartfelt contributions from Malcolm x with his swashbuckling style to the more reserved commenters. Undoubtedly a place for everyone. Top of the Christmas tree this year however must go to the calm logic and well thought out reasoning of Tracey Tyler. Happy Christmas to all.

  • Wow, we are all passionate about our beloved BCFC. We all have different ideas. Most of you are not happy with Pep C (Cola) but he has been given a very difficult situation. Bringing in the youngsters is brilliant but they have got to be given time. I like his Spanish connections, does he know Athletico? Could we borrow Fernando Torres for example who is a proven goal scorer but must be coming to the end of his time there.
    Talk of two games is unfair Blackburn away, anything could happen, and Leeds at home, not hopeful. The match that is going to count is Wigan at home on new years day. Now if we lose that I will accept we have problems.
    Nobody else has mentioned how quiet the fans are at home!! Is it just me or do you all think the same. All the fans who sit around me on the Kop are quiet other than my grandson who sings his heart out from start to finish. KRO.

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