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Blues owners to stick or twist after Bellingham sale

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Whatever now happens in football, the next season for Birmingham City remains obviously unclear.

Crippling debts plus a lack of gate, and possibly television income, doesn’t make for healthy reading. Top Premier League clubs will no doubt continue to dominate with wealthy owners and therefore their mighty purchasing power.

However, as for ourselves in a league of mixed wealth, there will be a few clubs where owners will decide to sell up before investing into new attempts for Premier League status. All very understandable in view of the current financial state given nearly everything that has been affected by Covid-19.

Should this be the case with Blues and our owners, then it could be the silver lining and the time for new owners with serious wealth to step in. Clubs in the Championship will be sort after at low prices by shrewd investors who wait for the right time to swoop.

Sadly this awful period we are experiencing does open up business opportunities worldwide and Championship football Clubs are attractive. What will happen at Blues is anyone’s guess and a great deal will surround the Jude Bellingham situation – should our owners sell and re-invest in another attempt for success, or do they sell and decide to put the club up for sale?

This is the situation, in my view, they will be facing.

Whatever the outcome of the Bellingham deal, it will be interesting to see how our owners move on with their commitment to the club. Hopefully they will re-invest and make another attempt at promotion but if not let’s hope we attract the potential new owners that we have been waiting for.

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  • Jonno says:

    Bearing in mind the owners stated beginning of the season aim was to bring through our youngsters and build a team around them we should NOT be selling Jude. It annoys me that these so called true supporters are just accepting he’s leaving.

  • Charles says:

    Jonno mate I think all supporters want Bellingham to stay and the team to be built around him. Cannot see it happening as football is not going to be the same now.Money will be scarce and I do see our owners cashing in and inviting offers for the club. Only the top clubs will survive. It could well be that a mega wealthy group buy us cheaply and see name Birmingham as a great potential pull.

  • smithy says:

    Many clubs will be picked up on the cheap.Blues situation is very interesting as what do our owners do with a minimum £30m. Bellingham sale. Perhaps they will call it a day or they may stay and have another stab for promotion. As football will never be the sane again for many seasons it is hard to forecast.

  • Jimmy says:

    It is naive to think that Bellingham can stay at the club. In a couple of seasons his bubble may have burst or he may pick up injuries. Many a young talent has fallen by the wayside. We are fortunate we have a very bankable asset. If we sell we must push for top top money. The Demari Gray and Butland deals were a joke let’s hope we have learned from our mistakes. No sell on clause and big money up front. Butland sell on has reaped no benefits.

    Let’s get 30 million if it means keeping the club going that is the main thing. Hopefully the owners will sell up .

  • Chris says:

    The media have stirred it all up so much though! For all we know Bellingham has his head on about this and isn’t planning on going anywhere for a couple of seasons, he is a blue and that alone should keep him here another season and whats the sense of moving house in a pandemic?? Honestly, the media through this entire time about every aspect of this lockdown have been awful and from the minute Bellingham started his first game they have made up story after story about him to get man utd fans to read the articles! I stopped checking news now it was making me so depressed.

    The owners should sell up and leave anyway, but because they were making a loss before this and 30mil for Jude Bellingham wont even clear half the debts, they would be retarded to take less than 200 million, even now.

  • Mitchell says:

    I think Jimmy’s last sentence comment says it all. In a future footballing world of enhanced uncertainty, perhaps we should look towards being blessed to even have a club.

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