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Blues Cannot Keep Scrambling Out Of The Quicksands

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Having survived what can only be described as a ‘car crash’ mini-league restart, Birmingham City are certainly in need of drastic surgery.

Apart from the departed Jude Bellingham, who has stood out so well at the tender age of sixteen, the combined team has literally capitulated. With so many reasons, and so many debates as to why, they will rumble on indefinitely with really no sensible conclusions. We simply must move on.

Birmingham City as a club has plummeted so low that it is hard to imagine any redeeming features as of now. Surgery must start with a new Manager who can take control and basically stop the rot. Someone who can instil confidence in the players and get them to believe again.

This happened under Rowett and it did likewise under Monk.

The question is two-fold – have we the players in-house and has the new Manager got funds to buy.

We have decent players, in my view, to make ourselves at least competitive in this brutal Championship and not just turn up as weekly fodder which has been consistent of late, but new incomers of quality are so desperately needed.

As regards the current coaching setup and what its merits are – as far as we can see by results – pretty poor. Club connection with supporters likewise. We have been here before at rock bottom when Bournemouth thumped us and in walked Rowett. This has to happen again and I believe it will with Bluenoses just craving to get behind the right man.

As it stands we have to rely on the unpopular Ren to appoint this vacant position. Accept this, we have to, whilst he is in place.

Who comes in is not easy to predict and my hope is that we do not get a ‘has been’ Manager just grateful to get the next job. Also, it would be a breath of fresh air to get someone in who has bottle and demanding. Hard I appreciate with the likes of Ren at the training ground surveying all. August will be the defining month when all kinds of decisions are made both on and off the pitch, with no doubt a few surprises thrown in. We have escaped the League One trap door too often and perhaps this is meant to be, in the wild hope that there is ‘somebody’ out there just waiting to pick up the reigns and take us on an upward journey.

Whoever it is had better come quick, as we cannot keep scrambling out of the quicksands.

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  • Mitchell Bray says:

    Since writing this article I would like to point out that last evening’s awful treatment aimed at CEO Ren was disgraceful. Nobody should ever be subjected to intimidation at this level.

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