Date: 28th May 2014 at 3:59pm
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Birmingham City Football Club are at the beginning of a not-so-straightforward takeover and at this time many people are passing comment on what they would like from the new owners of Blues.

The new owners are evidently going to be massively important. As Birmingham has seen, the club must receive financial backing to develop. The past few years, with the club having to run off its own steam has left it on the brink of League One. A place many fans felt it would not come back from.

The bidders have been confirmed by the acting chairman of Blues as British with North American investment fund backing. So as of yet, whilst there are rumours, I am going to refrain from putting them in print. What we do know is that the club needs money pretty soon as the transfer window is just days away and Birmingham have already missed out on some freebies.

We asked our Twitter followers to send us what they want from the clubs new owners and here is what they said:

@Walker90 “First I want stability and see where things go from there.”

@DL1875 “Couldn`t give a monkeys where they are from – business brains and genuine intentions matter most. #bcfc”

@SpraggBoll “Stability, honesty and transparency. Pretty much everything BIHL hasn`t given us.”

@Bluebrum13 “Don`t care if they [are] from Mars. Stability, workable plan, given time by the fans … and then Premier/Champs League obviously!”

@JamieBartlett95 “stability and someone who understands things take time and not expect too much too soon. Someone who respects the fans.”

@dant1875 “Stability and a genuine love for the club. Then build up to promotion when we are actually ready for it #BCFC”

@PGtrucker “Stability, transparency, honesty and drive. NO bs or Johnny big balls with [the] amount of cash to spend #kro #realworldteam #sotv”

If you could ask for one thing what would it be? Well I`m going to take the buzz words from your thoughts and poll them. The poll will be live as you read this (it is to the bottom right of your screen) have a vote and let`s send a clear message to the new owners.

Feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments below and a big thank you to all who tweeted us!

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