Date: 29th May 2014 at 3:48pm
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Following years of decline Birmingham City Football Club could do with taking this opportunity to rebuild the club the right way. Indeed it could be said that they already have done and that is why the club today remains in the Championship.

Modern day football is changing and the powers that be are attempting to significantly restrict big money making the difference between clubs. With that aside for the moment, most clubs aren`t concerned with financial fair play regulations because they simply wouldn`t be outspending the restrictions anyway. Teams like Derby need not bat an eyelid, whilst QPR are sure to feel the heat at some point with their lavish wage budget.

Having a well-oiled production line of talent is a sure fire way to a club becoming successful; provided you don`t sell too many of them. You could argue teams like Southampton could have been even more successful had they held players like Theo Walcott. I realise that is easier said than done but clubs have held their convictions before and succeeded to a degree – Liverpool held Suarez last summer and look how that turned out! Derby are sure to progress over the next few years around their modestly assembled young team.

This brings me to my point, Birmingham already produce promising talent, the club already place a high focus on its younger player`s development. Indeed Birmingham could well be far higher than it is had it been in the position to say no when teams came calling for Dann, Redmond, Butland and Mutch. Players like Reece Brown and Kobi Arthur are involved around the team now, along with academy graduate Mitch Hancox. Mixed with carefully acquired first team players, Birmingham City may already be set up to sufficiently support itself and its growth.

Blues hasn`t really been a large spending club, its investment has been somewhat careful with the odd modest transfer. Even though Yeung promised lots of money for players, it wasn`t really the case. Another reason why the club may have a good youth intake is simply down to the size of Birmingham. Only a somewhat quarter the size of London but still a huge area of land that Birmingham is very much involved with as we saw the other week with grass roots clubs joining the club.

The next class of successful youth players may be a while away, it could be a bit soon for the players we have seen this far to come into the first team. On the other hand they may perform better when they get a chance in a settled and solid first team. But such youth systems do take time. Birmingham could look within and around to find players.

It would be perfectly possible for Birmingham to continue to see youth team players progress onto the first team stage and integrate with players acquired from elsewhere, indeed had the state of affairs allowed it, such a situation would be happening now and the Blues could be a strong outfit.

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