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“This club will be the death of me”- These Blues fans left disappointed after pulsating draw

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So is this a step forward, or a step back?

We managed to score three goals, so that’s clearly a step forward compared to last week. But we conceded three goals, so it’s a step back. We’ve still got a pretty sizeable gap to the relegation zone, so I’ll let you work out whether or not this is a good result in the grand scheme of things.

In a game that certainly had it all, the Blues managed to battle to a 3-3 draw against Hull City in our first game back at St Andrew’s since the restart.

A brace from Gary Gardner and one from Dan Crowley (only his second of the season) did the business for us today in a back and forth affair.

Are we safe yet?





It was a game that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t mean a lot to us, or at the very least it matters a lot more for our visitors as they fight off a battle with relegation, but you wouldn’t get that sense from the fans on social media, who seemed to be taking the result a little bit harder than I am.

What about you? What did you make of the game?

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  • R Smith says:

    This was a game that didn’t mean much to us?
    I seem to remember a season where we had just won a cup and were well clear of the relegation places, except that we weren’t after all, with the consequences we are all aware of.
    A loss today and we would have potentially been 2 matches from being caught by the relegation fodder.
    Actually with our record of managing to lose against teams on an awful run of results this was possibly a good result.

  • Chris Martin says:

    I really think Pep should go now, we need to start building for the future, we’ve let players go that won’t be with us next season so why not get a new manager in now?, it just makes more sense

  • tracey tyler says:

    I agree with with Chris and I said it at the time Clotet should have gone when it was announced at the time, there is no reason whatsoever why he should be here in my opinion.Surely this is the time that our new manager should be assessing the squad for next year because it is going to be a very short pr-season and he wont have that much time. Stupid decisions again,good point today after terrible start, I can only assume the players are not that pumped up anyone playing under Clotet and that is the reason he should not be here.On paper should have been a easy 3 points today

  • Mitchell says:

    It was a barmy decision to release news of Clotet’s leaving. Totally mystifying and guaranteed to take everything off the boil and flirt with the unthinkable. Ren is a definite liability in more ways than one.

  • Matthew Baldwin says:

    I agree with Chris, Tracey and Mitchell. I’ve spoken before about the idea of preparing for next season when it comes to players, and I think that should go for the boss as well, as much as I’m a fan of Clotet, he shouldn’t be hanging around like this.

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