Date: 19th February 2018 at 11:13am
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Let’s face it, there isn’t a row really. Che Adams should be coming on earlier than Jota if the pair are sat on the bench, it’s a simple as that and how manager Steve Cotterill can’t see it I do not know!

Since the start of the season when club-record signing Jota was brought in, he has produced just one assist and he has scored just two goals, both of which let’s face it were absolute gifts in the 3-1 win away at Sheffield United.

For a player you have just spent £8 million on, you would be expecting him to be in at least double figures by now for both assists and goals because after all, that is what you brought him to the club for.

However, Blues fans are yet to see any really fight or final product from the Spaniard and if I am being brutally honest, I don’t think we ever will.

Don’t be surprised if Cotterill looks to offload him in the summer and if Blues can get anywhere in the region of £5 million for him, they can count themselves lucky.

As for Adams, yes he may not have looked 100% match fit in the last couple of weeks but his ability to create a chance out of nothing is something that we desperately need in the team.

If Adams were to play with Jacques Maghoma, Sam Gallagher and Jeremie Boga around him, I am almost certain that we would be scoring more goals.

Yes it may mean changing the way we play just a little bit but surely Cotterill can see that it would improve our results once again.

And the end of the day, Birmingham City fans want to see Adams on the pitch for longer than 15 to 18 minutes.

Cotterill, although sometimes he may be a little clueless, can surely work out that playing Adams will stop fans getting on his back for a short period of time and hopefully it will improve the results of the team in the short term as well as the long term.

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5 Replies to “The Che Adams vs Jota substitution row”

  • Key word Tom is clueless.This so called manager of ours cannot see the light and he will,repeat will take us down.He obviously doesn?t rate or like Adams.As hard as I have tried to back Cotterill,I just don?t get him.He is only here because our owners have in effect ?jacked it in?. After tomorrow we will have 13 games left to save ourselves. With Cotterill there our chances are sorrowful.

  • Adams was worth £10 million in the summer ,, Jota £6 million , we ain’t getting enough shots on target again , we don’t score enough goals …we need to play 2 strikers from the kick off SIMPLES …..Bogas end result is not prolific enough , assist wise or goal wise and is only entertaining the oppositions fans …we shoot to many times outside the area , …Davis and Adams shoot be poachers in the box , COME ON Cottie it’s not rocket science Its basic team progress …get it in there …

  • Looking good ain’t enough we should be planning to score 80 goals a season to get promotion ….we aren’t going to get there if the manager doesn’t play players to get TO that target …COME ON …

  • David,he doesn?t get on well with intelligent and talented footballers.He needs to be looked up to by the minnows.Even if Messi was a Blues player’he would be benched.Tomorrow he will go for a draw in the hope that Brentford have an off day.Defeat will produce another round of drivel for Wednesdays daytime reading.David,Cotterill simply doesn?t share your sensible thoughts on scoring goals.

  • Good to see you back Tom. Yes I will be surprised if we ever see Jota at his best. I think he left Brentford to play for HR who is confident managing gifted attacking players. Like Ohio said SC is just not. I wish I could find something good to say about him but at this level I can’t.

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