Date: 16th March 2017 at 8:58am
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Reading today’s Daily Mirror, columnist Brian Reade claims that Gianfranco Zola’s future as Birmingham City manager hangs by a thread.

He wrote- ‘There are rumours going around the Midlands that if Newcastle do to Birmingham City what they are capable of, then Gianfranco Zola will be sacked’.

Reade continued- ‘And seeing as he’s only won twice in 18 games and taken Gary Rowett’s side from sixth to 17th, he can’t have too many complaints if it happens’.

Reade also went on to say that Zola should not be used as an example of Italian coaches in England. He said- ‘But let’s not use Zola as a stick to beat foreign managers, especially Italians. Because if, as seems certain, Chelsea win this years title, it will mean that four of the last seven Premier League winning coaches have been Italian’.

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9 Replies to “Reade: ‘Zola can’t have too many complaints if he’s sacked’”

  • He wrote “There are rumours going round the midlands that if Newcastle do to Birmingham City what they’re capable of, then Gianfranco Zola will be sacked”. What a total non story from a lazy journalist, There are always bloody rumours about this that and the other. All this story is is hearsay and nothing more. Tell you what Rob as you’re on FB why don’t you check out Oftenpartizan? Daniel Ivery is pretty good at getting insider info & on his podcast this week he’s been told by someone on the inside that the owners are apparently happy with Zola and there are no plans to replace him.

  • It doesn’t matter what zola does. He’s needs to be sacked for loosing so many matches. Simple as that.

  • Whorya – What exactly is there to be positive about? And the difference is, Brian Reade’s column was an opinion piece, not a new article so now can it be a ‘non story’. I’m not going to resort to personal insults like you have – that is a sign of a shallow mind!

  • Rob it is my strong belief that no one should wright anything based on someone ell’s opinion even if I or you share the same opinion as I do. The reason why Is because you will only get the response you fined here People like facts they don’t like speculation if they want this type of reading the will go to The Sun online or the Mail or in this case Mirror. I fined it’s best to stick to the facts One fact is that the club board have said they will revue the Managerial situation come the end of the season. This to me don’t sound like they are in any rush to sack Zola. I my self think this is a mistake and they should sack him Win lose or draw. KRO

  • Waycoolblue – i understand what you’re saying but 99% of the articles on here are opinion pieces.

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