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“Our club is a shambles”, “think again”- Some Blues fans react to stunning article about BCFC

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Lots of Blues fans have been reacting to some incredibly shocking news that has emerged about the hierarchy at the club.

It’s not often I’m left speechless when it comes to things surrounding the club, but this one seriously takes the cake. A special report in The Athletic delved deep into the problems and it pulled out some incredibly fascinating insights including insights into the fallout from various managerial sackings down the years, directors pay doubled during times of financial trouble and that players have been told to speak to Ren directly if they aren’t picked rather than go to the manager, as well as much much more.

Were you stunned by this news coming out?





Now the whole thing is over 6,000 words long so I could never do it justice in trying to summarise the whole thing and I implore you to read it if you can, but those who did read it were certainly left with two simple reactions after they were done; disbelief, or pure anger.

I think The Birmingham Mail put it best, ‘What the hell is going on at Blues?’

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    It’s all rubbish it more rumours being spread about Birmingham. To put us in a bad light.

  • Chris says:

    Zack Monaro, The story that came out today in the American sports journal “The Athletic” was a piece done by 2 British journalists and has nothing whatsoever to do with the EFL charge. You really need to read it to believe it because it’s a pretty damming account of what’s going on behind the scenes at St Andrews and Wast Hills.

    • Blue says:

      Nothing new though, just repeating and rehashing gossip and tittle tattle that most blues supporters had already heard before. Did you learn anything new?

      • Zack Monaro says:

        The article when I read it does concentrate more on us being deducted more points for breaching the business plan they said 9 pints or a possible 12 points deducted the fact that we have been found not guilty means we can disregard the article. As it has no standing and offers no proof of anything.
        Both journalists have been completely discredited in my view.

        • Blue says:

          Although the athletic make much out of the last charge against us, I’m suspicious why they failed to mention that even if we had have been found guilty, it would have only been a 3 point deduction anyway as it was an alleged minor breach.

  • Chris says:

    Warren Davis read my post above

    • Warren Davis says:

      Don’t really need to read your post you read the article it goes on about us being charged with breaking the business plan and getting another 9 points deduction. The rest of the article is just hearsay and rumours. But the main part of the article is claiming we will be deducted a further 9 pints and possibly 12.

      If you can disprove one point in an article then you can most likely disprove the whole article.


  • Brian vaughan says:

    Dont know about all this but .when pep says from his own mouth when asked about bellingham going to visit germany he said I dont know anything about that j dont deal with all that. I just coach the players .so if he doesnt know about bellingham and a possible transfer what else doesnt he know.? Is ren the power mad dictator

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    What PEP is saying he is head coach he does not deal with sales or purchases of players and contracts. That does not mean he doesn’t have a choice of the players that come in it means he makes a choice of the players all the type of player he wants in and the contract is sorted out within the club he is not a manager he’s a head coach which is the way most football clubs are running these days.

  • Bob says:

    Exactly, that type f comment has been made by top managers and coaches all the time. It’s pretty standard response these days around speculation on players contracts. Mourinho used it, Klop has, they all have…
    Slight different angle on this with glass half full look. If it was true then Ren and tactics are responsible for our longest unbeaten run in years lol. Must be doing something right.
    Truthfully the article is rehashed rumours and total twaddle. Just click bait for ad money, sick of it no decent source of good journalism these days 🙁

  • Ijaz says:

    We have just been cleared of a second charge. The EFL tried to force us to sell players in January 2019 to get our finances in order to avoid a points deduction. However seeing we were under a transfer embargo and we would’ve received well under market value for Che Adams the club took the correct action.

    With regards to Dong’s interference in club matters it is a well known thing. Pep is a coach not a manager. He is not responsible for transfers or the like. He knows a lot more than he lets on but it is not his place to speak out or indeed get involved in any speculation

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