Date: 8th November 2017 at 3:16pm
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It’s times like these where you wish we had a manager in charge of the club we all love rather than a coach who is trying to do the best with what he has got.

With 11 months now passed since the shock sacking of now Derby County boss Gary Rowett, the Birmingham City board must be sitting there thinking what on earth did we do!?

Well I will tell you for free what you have done guys, you’ve ruined what was a team on course for promotion and the ultimate goal of the Premier League.

Now we are the laughing stock of the league and it’s no wonder when we back a manager with a transfer war chest and then sack him a few weeks later and them employ someone who is more of a coach than a manager.

You can say all the right things in a press conference and make all the right noises but it doesn’t mean things are going to work on the pitch.

And other than the Cardiff City game, and maybe the Aston Villa game, things really haven’t clicked since Steve Cotterill has come in.

Yes the players are starting to feel the pain that the fans are feeling but it time that they buck their ideas up and start producing.

They are being paid thousands of pounds per week to put in dire performances and it is getting beyond a joke.

Blues fans are showing up in their thousands week in, week out both home and away and it is now time they get their rewards for being so loyal.

The players have to remember…this hurts us too!

Hopefully things can look up starting with the home game against Nottingham Forest on the 18th.


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  • Tom I’m glad to listen to someone else who wasn’t fooled by the press conference and blue suit!! Which to me was more a load of underhand snide anti-HR rhetoric with no substance behind it than a positive way forward. The last managerial switch is likely to put us back years unless somehow we get a large dose of luck. And IMO likely to be more devastating long-term than sacking GR. I never felt we could win promotion with GR’s squad unless we added some much needed creativity and changed to a more expansive style of play. I’m not convinced you can win promotion anymore with an ultra defensive set up playing on the counter like we achieved under Bruce and McLeish. I think the standard of the Championship as greatly improved and you have to play a good brand of attacking football to get out now. At least that seems to be the pattern the last few seasons with the teams who have been promoted. Two things for sure though, we had far more chance of moving forward with GR than the current great pretender; and we would’t be feeling so hurt right now either.

  • Spot on blues since 1980 , problem is that managers with good reason play defensively through fear of jobs ,which is not the way most of the fans want to see , light up who would like a little and large pair of strikers up front again .especially as opponents get more shots on target than us …

  • Tom echoes most supporters.Our stomach sinking feeling at 4.55pm most saturdays cannot be explained to anyone other than a fellow bluenose.We have witnessed a total masterclass these last twelve months of how to wreck a football club.

  • Following on earlier comment-a dire warning should be expressed to our owners before the next league game.Should our pointless run continue for the foreseeable future and our fate be the inevitable drop to league One then our gates will drop to unimaginable levels.They,being TTA or whoever will drop the club like a hot cake and move on putting everything down to ‘a bad day at the office ‘.Someone,somewhere has to rattle some sense into whoever has a modicum of football nous.My plea to Xuandong Ren is to get a top manager in and spend big for survival as our current target of wins needed equating to a third will not happen with this squad.We can no longer feel sorry for ourselves by wallowing in the ‘What only had Harry stayed or if Rowett had been given the money etc.’ Never have supporters felt let down,deflated and angry knowing how hopeless the average fan can do anything to help the rot stopping.

  • Ohio. When you hear Sky Sports championship pundits discussing the several questionable decisions TTA have made at Blues, it makes you realise how much our reputation is being harmed throughout the football community. Whether Blues are a big enough club to attract a big manager these days is open to debate? However, it is safe to assume any manager putting their reputation on the line will have a nagging question in the back of their mind. Can TTA be trusted? The only thing to stop us feeling sorry for ourselves at present is hope based optimism generated by decent performances and/or points won by those donning a royal blue shirt. Is hope on the horizon? The million dollar question.

  • BS1980.Last game GR was in control of was the Ipswich match exactly one year ago.Together with a colleague I was a guest of Panos.He and fellow directors were very excited and upbeat for the future almost like children with a new toy.Can they(apart of course Panos) be trusted as you say.In terms of putting cash into the club I would say yes but to make footballing decisions in regard to scouting personnel and managerial positions,very dubious.Harry was as we know expected to be the Director with SC as team manager.This,imo,would have worked but alas we know the story.We now have Carsley and Cotterill for the immediate future.My hope like us all is that this will work but if the window arrives with us firmly in the bottom three with meagre points,I can foresee a radical change of policy with either the club being offloaded cheaply or a real footballing brain being hired with footballing staff alongside.We pray that last Novembers enthusiasm and hopes remain with our owners and they strive for what they really want.

  • Ohio. I don’t really know where we will be in league position as of January. What I can say though is I’m not very optimistic at present because the manner in which we have lost under SC is somewhat different from before. There were games with Zola and HR we lost but deserved more. So far the three we lost with SC the performances were that bad we were lucky to get nil. Bringing me to another major concern, we cannot score goals at home or away. Unless that changes and quick we could be in real trouble before January, if not already?

  • ‘Cut adrift’ is the dreaded word for me.By that I mean by Jan.1st.What consolation I have is say the table looks like this :- Bottom Three all around 20points mark.Fourth Bottom 26 and Fifth Bottom 27. Anything more of a deficit would be tricky with 50 points target. To be 6/7 points behind by Jan.1st. would give our owners the chance to spend big with a big man in charge. My theory is that 24 games would give us a decent chance with a thorough overhaul of players-and don’t rule this out as I know our owners are well aware that next season the Championship gets £11m. per club and League One to get £800K. All in all BS1980 it is a pathetic state we are in but this is it.At present Burton,Barnsley and Bolton are better teams than us even with players like Jota and Adams.Stockdale will make a difference once he returns together with possibly Jenkinson and Colin. Xuandong Ren keeps close tabs on training I hear which is why SC cannot drop many more bricks.

  • So out of the current managers available who would you like to see in charge, if SC & LC fail? And how much money do you think we will need to spend on new players in January?

  • We all hope SC does well and gets the points necessary.Should he fail then I would give Dean Smith 24 games. He is a good manager who knows what he is doing.Bigger club will come to him no doubting and Blues should be a massive temptation. Failing that Pardew is decent and has good form with picking teams up from basement levels.Above all however,should Albion want rid of Pulis-then they come no better for a team situation in turmoil such as ourselves.On the money side then 4 strong experienced campaigners would cost around £7m. No youngsters just good no nonsense men who know what the stakes ride on. Players like Chris Brunt and Charlie Adam who would help the trickier players like Adams,Jota and eventually Vassell.

  • I think Dean Smith would much prefer to be at his beloved villa and therefore see Blues as another stepping stone towards doing so, even if he don’t admit to it. Pardew and Pulis would be an improvement for sure. At the moment we don’t have any answers when teams start to play at a higher tempo, so I agree we definitely need some experienced leaders on the pitch to galvanize the team when under pressure. I have made no secrets of not wanting or rating SC, and maybe my opinions will always be on the negative side, but I would not be too hopeful of SC making the right decisions when choosing new players, and as I said before I don’t see him having enough clout to bring in the type of quality players needed anyhow. With that in mind I think giving money to a AP, TP type manager is a much better option. Now whether they would want to manage Blues is another question altogether? But if either were to be appointed I think Blues fans would be happy generally.

  • Well if that is true I find the SC appointment even more disappointing! I didn’t think my thoughts towards TTA could get any worse, but they just have. In the words of Kammy ‘unbelievable’ ….

  • Let’s not forget BS1980,that our owners stated that after Harry’s sacking that they would not be rushed into a quick appointment.Carsley for a week then straight in comes Cotterill.Pardew etc would therefore be not considered.Two others as we now know who we’re interested were McClaren and Lambert.Feel we as supporters dodged that particular bullet.Hopefully these two weeks will make a difference for the players to eventually get it together.We do need a bit of luck as well.Three points against Forest has never been so important and my goodness wouldn’t it just give us all a major boost.

  • Wow,this post has attracted an enormous amount of replies and rightly so. I have always maintained the sacking of Rowett was unjustified and that has been proven over and over again.TTA are trigger happy with managers,I hope Cotterill can turn things around,for now he still has my backing however the board will be looking for yet another manager if we loose a couple more.Redknapp also should never have been sacked so early with his new team.Such hopes we had come the start of the season,now we go to games in dread of another awful performance. KRO

  • Ohio. I don’t understand why you think AP wouldn’t have been considered, unless you are implying they had already decided on SC before sacking Harry?? I also recall the owners saying the firing of HR was not a rushed decision. I can’t imagine what they consider rushed is in that case. Although how can you justify trigger happy decisions without trying to cover them up with lies. Unfortunately for them the football community is not stupid. But sadly they own the club and can do what they like. And Le Hane is absolutely right the season started with such optimism in our hearts. I couldn’t get the ‘we got Harry song’ out of my head. Interesting there is no song echoed from the terraces about SC yet!?

  • When Panos brought in GR the players had a wage ceiling.These players played decent football and more important they played for each other. TTA had other ideas as we know and the catastrophic wage differences between players in the same team now shows in the results.Barnsley and Brentford are class examples of what we once were.Both have been decimated with outgoing sales but have been able to maintain team spirit and stay clear of trouble.Dilemma for TTA is whether to follow the original plan for high profile success on all fronts or whether to go back to basics.My feeling is the latter-hence the SC appointment.When Harry left I believe the names of Pardew and Karanka were very seriously considered before an about turn was reached-hence Carsley and Cotterill.Should they flounder I feel it will be a case of prospective people like Heckingbottom,Dean Smith and Lee Johnson etc. They don’t come bigger than Harry Redknapp but when you get stung on the bum twice(Zola) you tend to shy away from another big name sting.

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