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“Never go back”, “Like him”- Former boss question raises interesting points from some Blues fans

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I think we might be getting a little bit too far ahead of ourselves on this one.

After all, Pep Clotet was only appointed the Head Coach back in December, and it’s not as if we’re in any present danger right now, so it’s probably incredibly harsh to even be talking about it.

But I guess it’s a case of absence making the heart grow stronger, as there are some fans who are still yearning for a return to the past.

@Blues_HQ made a proposition the other day on Twitter when they asked if Chris Hughton would be the best realistic option to replace Clotet if he was ever sacked as Blues boss. Hughton, of course, has already taken charge of the Blues during the 2011/12 season before he left to join Premier League side Norwich City.

Was allowing Chris Hughton to leave the club's biggest mistake of the last ten years?





And it seems as though his legacy during his one year has really resonated with the fans as they all pretty much want him to come back, although some express doubts on whether that feeling would and could be mutual.

What about you? Do you think Hughton could or would come back in the future?

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  • Richard G says:

    Blues didn’t get rid of Hughton he left of his own accord.

  • R Smith says:

    A few points. Firstly what has Pep done that is so bad? We had an 11 game unbeaten run under him, our early struggles were mainly down to us not having a striker after losing Adams so why change?
    Secondly, Hughton left us, and at a time when we needed everyone to battle together, why be interested in someone so ready to jump ship? Thirdly, he failed to get us promotion and at Brighton played turgid football.
    Personally I think Pep deserves a proper chance, with, fingers crossed the goal machine still with us. Then judge him.

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