Date: 16th December 2017 at 8:35pm
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It’s been a long, hard journey but Birmingham City are finally bottom of the Championship.

Deservedly so, I’d say.

QPR’s last win on the road came against Blues back in February. Since then, they’ve failed to win in 17 away games.

Of course, they were always destined to break their hoodoo today. It was written in the script. Did anyone show that script to Steve Cotterill? Doubtful.

On paper, the team selection looked a pretty attacking one. In reality it was anything but. Jota and Jeremie Boga were so deep – practically clinging to their full back – it was difficult for them to effect the game in any way.

It was a must win game. And with a trip to Sunderland next up, back-to-back wins for the first time this season wasn’t outside the realms of possibility.

If today’s game was a must win, Sunderland is win or bust as far as Cotterill is concerned.

While the manager isn’t the sole cause of Blues’ problems, he also isn’t the solution, it seems.

Ian Holloway’s side are the second worst I’ve seen this season. Blues are the worst.

After a narrowly avoiding the drop last season, Blues are well and truly in the mire now.

Another 20,000 crowd turned out this afternoon and, simply, they don’t deserve the dross currently being served up.

Something has to give.

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11 Replies to “It’s Sunderland or bust for Steve Cotterill”

  • It’s now hard to tell what SC is thinking of ,, 2 shots on target again.. it seems hes not for turning…his reign is now worse than Harry’s , it is now wins we need and we are still playing not to lose …our defence is under too much pressure week after week surely Steve can see that with not scoring goals they soon will start to give up ….

  • From the first game of the season at Ipswich and home games against Bolton,Brentford followed by Burton and Barnsley away and Millwall -it confirmed,imo,that this Championship is too tough for us.Today,after another totally wretched Saturday we find ourselves bottom of the table.Pointless being angry with our current manager as these players are truly poor.

  • Stark reality now is that after the new year,TTA will actively persue selling the club.They will not want to hold on to a club destined for league One.Drastic reduction of League money down from £11m next season for Championship clubs to £1.5m.for league One.This together with many players on 3/4/5 year contracts averaging in the region of £35K per week.My opinion is that by last week of the window they will have decided ( if our points total is around 20) and relegation almost a certainty,players such as Adams and Jota will have to be sold cutting future crippling costs. Managers like Redknapp must be a learning curve for future buyers of our club who must find good young managers such as Dean Smith and Neil Harris,and then never let them go.

  • Ohio. you are blaming Redknapp again but without him we would already be in League One! Or do you believe like some it was Cotterill’s input which lead to survival. To which my reply is,Really? And secondly, can you honestly say he was given enough time to work with the new players, with his system and tactics? Maybe you are right and everything is HR’s fault. All the new players were rubbish who couldn’t get in the teams they were playing for. And all those teams finished lower than Blues the season before, therefore we should not have bought them. But may I remind you, a few weeks ago you were calling for HR to be reappointed in order to work with the players he bought. I know there is a lot of anger flying around but do you seriously think Blues are rock bottom because of HR? Seriously?

  • Ohio, you have also blamed the players, therefore is it your opinion that on paper we have the worst squad in the Championship?

  • BS1980. You are quite right I did call for HR to be reinstated on the basis of his buys etc.Although I still feel his buys were not good. Colin is decent, Vassell might be the key to next season and prove a good buy-but Ndoye,Dean,Roberts and Jota very disappointing.Also your point about anger flying around is also true.Renewing of my season ticket was down purely on the Harry factor and the expectancy of pushing for top six.Now,I dread the home games along with thousands of other fans.To the future is hard to be optimistic and my fear of TTA remains.All could change of course with a couple of back to back wins and the return of Adams in the new year.Often Partisan is close to the real situation I believe and I respect the comments and insight into the club that it has always held.One always has to have their own gut instincts into our favourite hobby-namely BCFC -sometimes valid ,often not.Whichever way our season finishes we have to learn that most times the grass is not always greener.For me,I bought into Harry and the dream and reality is that basically I feel bitter and let down.

  • Ohio. I hear you loud and clear! I bought into Harry and the dream and also feel bitter and let down as do most Blues fans. However, I don’t blame him simply because he wasn’t given enough time. We will never know what might have been? Regarding the new players – they were never all going to prove good. Even the top teams can’t achieve 100% success with new signings. And also factor in many of them cited signing due to Redknapp and that was immediately taken away from them. Whatever, anyone says about individual players I still think our squad is better as a whole. The biggest problem for me is that HR had a vision to play a certain system and tactics and bought players in fit for purpose; (albeit his 3rd, 4th and even 5th choice in some areas) but now we have SC making those decisions. Me and Rob Wildey have locked horns many times on the HR impact – one thing we do agree on though is the sense that he was capable of turning it around given enough time. And it is the owners who have taken that away from us not HR. The dream wasn’t shattered by five league defeats in a row, it was demolished by the way the owners reacted towards it. Now we have SC who has replaced the void left by the Harry optimism with only pessimism and anger. The more we see his team play and hear his post match analysis, the more angry and pessimistic we all become. That is hardly HR’s fault my friend! I don’t think for one minute HR was perfect but he gave us hope. Moving forward it is the owners making football decisions which are my biggest fear. Maybe them selling would be a blessing in disguise!

  • TBF without Harry we would have been relegated, but if that was to be he outcome then we wouldn’t have not taken on such players like Jota and Ndoye which would mean financially, we would be better off. We’ve spent so much on players and wages from staying up that if we do go down it will cripple us for a few years to come. These cuts aren’t just seen to the squad, they are also to the hard working staff in the office, club shop etc.. which is a shame.

  • Mark88. To be relegated will herald a new downer financially to the club,with almost certain fire sales of players followed by our owners selling up on the cheap.

  • Markj88. I wasn’t aware the owners were so short of money! Also Harry had nothing to do with negotiations re: new players wages etc, he was quite open about that. There is so much gossip doing the rounds in respect of knowing the players wage structure – so can someone point me to the official evidence of how much Blues players are earning please? I would like to scrutinize what player earns what for myself. Or are we referring to pub talk here? Finally, all this talk of money would suggest we’ve spent an absolute fortune. Villa have spent more on one forward than we spent on all the new players combined. Come on for heavens sake – can’t Blues fans start thinking bigger?

  • To say Harry bought in rubbish is total rubbish. All the players he brought in were good players at their previous clubs. If the deals offered to the players is a bit rich it is hardly Harry’s fault. The players have struggled as a unit because we lack the most important pieces in a midfield lynchpin and a decent striker. Harry identified players but TTA couldn’t deliver his targets. They tried to gain promotion on the cheap and it blew up badly in their faces.

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