Date: 23rd January 2017 at 9:09pm
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Greg Stewart arrived at St. Andrews with glowing references from Dundee supporters. One claimed he was the ‘Scottish Lionel Messi’ which, although it was obviously tongue in cheek, aroused my footballing hormones.

Gary Rowett spent the best part of his summer trying to convince Dundee to part with their player for a bit of dosh. For the player, it was a no-brainer – Dundee or Birmingham City.

After dipping his toes in the water by being introduced from the bench, Blues fans were crying out for McMessi’s inclusion in the starting line-up. Since then, it’s been totally underwhelming. What Stewart offers in pace and enterprise, he lacks in footballing common sense.

In Blues’ game at Derby County shortly after Christmas, Stewart picked up a pass and whizzed passed the first defender. Then, despite having options either side of him, he ran and ran and ran. He then tripped over the ball which eventually resulted in a Derby goal kick. This happened twice in the same game.

The rest of his time at Blues has followed a similar path. And really, for a 26-year-old Scot with zero Scotland caps to his name, we should have seen it coming.

Perhaps he can return from his current injury and show the fans why Rowett rated him so highly. But if his 15 appearances so far are anything to go by, I won’t hold my breath.

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11 Replies to “Greg Stewart: more Messy than Messi”

  • A bit harsh coming from you Rob. I think we all had high hopes with this one, and from what we could see in the video’s he really looked the business and would give us a bit extra going forward, plus a few goals. He didn’t get a start but came on against Sheff Wed and his close ball control helped set up the winner for us. So what happened? Is it too much of a step up or is he another player who isn’t happy and cant settle?

  • I think sentiment is going to have to be put to one side until we get about 17 very reliable players as the first team squad , It’s up to the players to prove how worthy they are to remain …… No pain no gain …..Unfortunately……

  • I don’t think it’s harsh at all Gazal. I haven’t said anything against him personally… I’m judging him based on what I see on the pitch like I do with every player.


  • Very harsh and untrue As for 2 or 3 bad thing he as dune 9 or 10 good things the lad as very good with his footwork he as a far amount of pace with ball to feet OK but not a speed star. He just needs time on the pitch when as he really been given the game time. Come on Rob we know you must have something better to write about if not then don’t bother because we don’t want to read THIS muck.

  • I remember not to long ago when Rowett was chasing this man for however long it was that you had quite a bit to say about Stewart Rob. Both personally (a fair bit about him being greedy) and judging him (“he can’t even get in the Scotland team”) without seeing him kick a ball for our club. I have no issue with personal opinion but article after article of contradictions and regurgitated Birmingham Mail nonsense. Rob……sort it out ye??!!

  • Rob Wildey is accurate on Stewart. Not up to Championship standard and another of GR mis-fires. Game time you may argue he hasn’t had much of,but what we have seen of him when on the pitch doesn’t inspire.Defend him all you like-deep down we know he needs to move back to comfortable surroundings.Fabbrini is not a loss,Stewart the same but Spector is.

  • @ Brooklyn So you have seen enough of Stewart to say this is accurate how do you come to that conclusion All I know is he as not been given his chance yet. I come to that conclusion because I ant seen enough of him but what I have seen he is a player with good feet and movement a willingness to take players on maybe he will come good maybe not. But I will not write him off just on your say so. And also for me Spector is not a los ever. Nice guy hardworking utility player at best. KRO

  • Stewart has been a disappointment. When he’s come on he’s looked bright but doesn’t appear to have the pace needed to be a winger. He has good feet and his set pieces are supposed to be good. Haven’t really seen enough of him to make a judgement but from his appearances so far he hasn’t produced anything of note.

  • Sorry to see that it is not working out for Stewart for you. Just want to say, he isn’t a winger and if you are trying to play him like one, then no wonder you wont get the best out of him.

    Give him a free role in front of the midfield, to move to the left or right and he will hurt other teams with that left foot of his. But, if you don’t want him, can you send him back to Dens, we would have him back in a heart beat!

    All the best ‘Blues’.

  • I don’t think he was 100% sure about uprooting so this might be playing on him a bit, but i think he has some ability, and given his chance with the right players around him I think he will exploit the spaces very well. Up to now he has had suicide balls pinged at him, and some fans expect him to dribble his way out of trouble, but as I’ve said before “you don’t become a bad player overnight” You ain’t getting him back yet Dark Blues, there’s still work to be done with the Royal Blues.

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