Date: 16th December 2018 at 7:07pm
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Mitchell Bray wrote:

A wonderful fighback by our threadbare team yet again typifies why we as fans stick to our beloved club -through thick and thin.

My memory of the game will always centre on a thirty-second period when Craig Gardner scored from the penalty spot. After scoring he raced to retrieve the ball at the back of the net, only to be impeded by their beaten goalkeeper-enter brother Gary. Both brothers ensured they got the ball in order to restart the game by physically standing up as one.

That spirit and camaraderie again underlines why as we embattled bluenoses support our club. Little point I know but these two brothers typified in that instance the passion within. Looking ahead to the next two games against Wigan and Stoke presents Gary Monk with further problems due to Roberts injury, although he was quick to sing the praises of Harding who stepped up manfully.

Hopefully, Morrison should be back for the Stoke game, but if not Harding and Dean will have to cope.

The New Year should see a return to the squad of Vassell which will be great for everyone especially Monk who has really knocked his squad of players into a ‘proper group of footballers’. With Vassell and Davis back, this second half of the season should auger well for us with maybe the outside chance of a playoff spot.

Fanciful thinking maybe but with a fully fit squad coupled with that desire as shown yesterday by the Gardners we just could sneak in.


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  • Great Blog . Just a bit concerned that one of them might have got sent off after the pen. I agree that these two do represent what is special about our football club. I would remind our many fans who have been on Craig’s back since he came back. He still has the best football brain in the team. Three managers have mismanaged him and when he gets one who does understand he gets injured. Gary was lambasted for his Villa connections yet has done nothing but display professionalism.

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