Date: 23rd February 2018 at 7:18pm
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When teams come to St. Andrews in the midst of a poor results, they can usually rely on Birmingham City to give them a point or three.

Tomorrow’s visitors, Barnsley, have won once in their last 18 games. That’ll probably be two in 19 after tomorrow…

The Tykes are recovering from managerial upheaval after Paul Heckingbottom walked out to take the reigns at Leeds United just days after signing a new contract at Oakwell.

Their new manager, Jose Morais, took charge of his first game on Tuesday night and although Barnsley were beaten 2-1 by fellow strugglers Burton Albion, the chances they created and eventually squandered suggests they have every right to feel that they deserved something. They’ll fancy their chances at St. Andrews, a happy hunting ground for them in the recent past.

Barnsley could well be tricky customers tomorrow. It sounds like a worn old cliche but this is a six pointer.

Having followed up their improved form with three straight league defeats without scoring, Blues could well keep or cost Steve Cotterill his job. By 5pm tomorrow, Blues could be four points clear of the relegation zone or firmly in the bottom three and maybe even managerless.

But if you’re a true supporter, you should never wish defeat on your team, even if you despise the man in the dugout.

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13 Replies to “Don’t Tyke liberties, Blues”

  • Last two clubs we have played have done the double over us.Barnsley must surely be prevented the same outcome.Treble double defeats would simply be the end for most supporters.Although we are almost certain to drop out of this league,I really don?t want the likes of Barnsley to humiliate us further.Therefore,I am hoping Adams and Jota start tomorrow and Morrison recalled.Should we get defeated ,I hope our owners do not sanction the replacement for Cotterill in the shape of Carsley and Robinson,which is going the rounds.

  • Carsley & Robinson would be the cheapest option. However, we have tried LC before and he said after 6 -1 hammering by Hull, you can see why I’m not ready for management now. And Robinson is totally unproven so that would be a massive gamble going with those two.

  • You are the team blues …No where to hide ….now your careers are near being tainted …WHO ARE YOU …TRUE GRIT BLUES …

  • We must be the only bottom five club that hasn?t received a rallying call from our owners or CEO.Not a dicky bird,not a hint of hope or a general call to support the team ahead of tomorrow?s crunch game.This is where I am coming from in my quest to ascertain exactly what isgoing on at the club.No wonder the players look half hearted and our manager totally spent.As I have always felt,that this near ending ownership threw the towel in ages ago.If it were Villa their top brass would be banging the drum big time.

  • According to sources on other sites we won’t be sacking Cotterill due to the fact that we can’t afford to pay up the rest of his contract. It’s funny though how 3 weeks ago his praises were being sung from all quarters because we’d been on a good run, now so called fans are saying that he’s useless and clueless etc when the real problem is that we don’t have enough decent players to fill in when we have injuries. We’ve lost Grounds and Davis to injuries at a time they were playing really well and we’ve lost Keift to suspension and the players that have come in just haven’t stepped up to the plate as you would have hoped and expected. Some people really need to look at the bigger picture, Cotterill didn’t get a penny in January to improve the squad like he wanted and was promised, so who’s fault is it really that we’re in such a mess??.

  • WhoRya….I for one wasn’t praising Cotterill 3 weeks ago. Reason being as I have stated on here before. Two of the victories were against a very poor Sunderland team and an out of form Sheff Wed who hadn’t scored a goal in 2018 until they played us that is, and additionally they were beat 3 nil at home by Burton on New Year?s Day. So my head wasn’t turned by all the hype as you have presumed??.. Your reference to injuries and suspensions would only carry substance, if other teams were not affected by similar obstacles to overcome. Last time I checked over the course of a season everyone has injuries and suspensions and have to dip into their Championship limited squad??..Transfers ? do you really believe SC could have attracted players in January to the club better than what we already have?……… And I’m so glad you referred to the bigger picture. Blame for our troubles lies at the door of the owners for employing SC in the first place. Before Blues he had a Championship win rate of 30%. He has never been able to cement a Championship club into a mid-table position, never mind the play offs. Fact is, he usually gets the sack after a few months of taking charge, leaving the teams struggling in and around the relegation zone. This is probably the main reason he doesn?t have relegation on his CV, because the chairman sacks him before the inevitable happens. How is that for looking at the bigger picture??

  • Bluesince1980. Well done you’ve put your point across and you’re entitled to it, you’re obviously not a fan of Cotterill and I respect that, I wouldn’t actually say i’m his biggest fan either but what I was saying was the blatantly obvious fact that we could be stuck with him for the foreseeable future according to sources close to the club, also the fact that we ARE short of quality players to fill in when we have injuries although for the life of me I can’t understand why SC hasn’t brought Adams in to replace Davis but then i’ve only been blues since 1969!!!!

  • WhoRya and BS are both right in their views.Sadly Cotterill was brought in to do a job and he was promised some funds for the window,on the understanding that by Xmas we would not be bottom of the table with a paltry 17 points.He oversaw a dreadful run with Fulham wrecking his credibility with the fans clash.Both Ren and Cotterill are spent forces just waiting for the final game.As for today?s game,defeat will not bring too many tears for our owners-they know where they are going.

  • WhoRya?Yes very good your sense of humour has been noted! Was it that obvious by my mini-rant I don?t rate him? In fairness to him, he doesn’t always get the sack and he has held jobs for more than a few months…….He once steered Burnley to a 13th place finish, but I still think he is better suited to the lower leagues. I also respect your opinion in defending him ? you can be wrong if you want to be!!!!!

  • WhoRya, Ohio…..I’m not disputing we have limited quality in squad depth. But then most teams in the Championship do. I just think we have a good enough squad to be higher in the table.

  • Bluesince1980. Mate you need to have a sense of humour when you’ve supported a team as long as we have!!!!. Kro

  • Police escort for Cotterill was sickening.This is not what we are about.Lines sometimes have to be drawn and our anger should not resort to this type of tribal hatred.Cotterill is a poor manager but he is a human being.His time at blues will have a damaging affect on him,but I hope his last memories of this Saturday of hatred will not harm him for too long. We true fans are not thugs as frustrated as we are at present.From What I gather,Cotterill left the club a short time ago.

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