Date: 8th March 2017 at 10:08am
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Reaction to Birmingham City`s latest defeat was met with trepidation. Since Gianfranco Zola took over, the downward spiral has been rapid as Blues plunge towards relegation danger. Still, I hear claims that ‘no one else would want the job`. That is categorically untrue.

A few years ago, many claimed that Lee Clark should stay as Blues wouldn`t attract anyone better. Gary Rowett walked in and ripped that theory up into shreds. Back then, Blues had no financial pot to p*ss in, the owner was in prison and the club were unhealthily accepting their fate on the pitch. Blues attracted a decent manager.

Circumstances off the pitch have drastically improved after the TTA takeover – managers will want the job in the St. Andrews dugout. Perhaps not the unrealistic ‘big names` that have been bandied around on social media – Alan Pardew, Roy Hodgson (who would want them anyway??) but certainly good Championship managers would see Blues as an attractive proposition – a half decent squad and a bit of money to play with in the summer transfer window.

Blues are in real danger and something has to change now.

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10 Replies to “Birmingham City job would be an attractive proposition”

  • wouldnt mind Paul Trollope, who is available right now !!! and has a link to the club as he was Chris Hughtons Assistant.

  • Once again the players have let the fans down …There is no excuse for this loss ,,, the curse we have at Stan’s is man made …Totally disgusted with what’s happening with the club ..These players are capable ,but are just not doing it ….

  • David Village – you can’t expect a doctor to be an expert dentist. That’s what Zola is going, taking player out of their comfort zone and placing unreachable expectations on them.

  • You can expect skilled football players to do a job that they have trained to do rob ….I don’t believe that players of their quality can’t score goals …You could have put Steve Bruce up front and he would have scored more goals …..

  • You don’t train to be a footballer, you train to be a centre back or a winger or a striker. If you’ve been playing a certain way for 2 years, you can’t change overnight. Players have a skill set.

  • Basing things on the fact TTA what a manager that plays attacking football I have made a list of managers that play a good mixed brand of attack and defence play. 1:Claudio Ranieri unemployed plays a good mixt game and is very experienced. 2:Marcelo Gallardo manager of River Plate Would want to try his hand at English football but would cost a lot of money was intervened for the Swansea job. He almost went to Blackburn rovers but they could not agree a compo package. 3;Lee Johnson, Bristol City not a big name but as got Bristol City playing a good balanced attacking game with average players I think he could do even more with our squad and money to spend. 4:Thomas Tuchel the current head coach of Borussia Dortmund may be hard to get him but he as had disputes with his current employers he don’t like being told who and when to play them. 5:Murat Yakin was a sought-after coach last summer Southampton displayed interest he is currently caretaker coach at Spartak Moscow but no full contract he is know to be looking for a job in England and plays the brand of football TTA want in a 4-4-2 demand. 6:Roger Schmidt, Bayer Leverkusen (in German) He has brought an attacking edge to the BayArena that screams fearlessness. It’s gone a long way toward changing the reputation of the club cruelly nicknamed Neverkusen. That’s all now I ant saying we can afford them or any of them are realistic maybe they are maybe not but they all play balanced attacking football or very fluid Attacking football so don’t start saying none of them would come because I ant saying they would. But you don’t know until you ask. KRO

  • Waycoolblue – Bristol City fans have protested to get Johnson sacked. So I’ll pass on him.

  • Bristol are doing worse than us. If they are going to sack Zola they’ll already have a replacement in mind. Nice fixtures for any new manager after Cardiff Newcastle and Brighton. Can’t see much of a new manager bounce.

  • I Am not saying he would be my choice because he wouldn’t. It’s just based on the brand of football TTA want. Bristol have not backed Johnson and are doing well considering the squad they have. Had they backed him I believe they would have got a mid table finish. But I know where you are coming from they are below us. But look at the stats 45 goals for 53 away more goals for than us but the exact same goals away. On paper their defence is a lot worse than ours but are performing in par with us. I recon this would improve with the defends we have and the ability to score more goals under him would be good. But me my self would like us to get a manager in that playas a balanced brand of football not to attacking not overly defensive but there are a lot of this tape of manager about and it’s not what TTA want.

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