Date: 15th October 2014 at 9:40am
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The new man in charge at Blues have informally met our representatives

As a member of Blues Collective, we can now reveal that a meeting has taken place between the new man in charge at St Andrews and our supporter group.

Blues Collective are a group of organisations that come together in order to communicate with the club more effectively.

An Informal Meeting with Panos Pavlakis

On Monday the 6th October we received an email inviting us to an ‘introduction` meeting with Panos Pavlakis and other Supporter Clubs on the 7th October at

Those present at the meeting were Andy Walker Sarah Gould Panos Pavlakis (BCFC) Blues Collective, Birmingham Official Supporters Club, Blues Trust, Redditch Blues

As some may well know, Blues Collective is all about fan interaction but unfortunately we were only notified on Monday and therefore did not have a lot of time to distribute a question to the fans with as much notice as we would have liked but we did receive a few questions.

This is the first time Blues Collective have been invited to a meeting since being recognised as an ‘official` supporters group.

The questions we took with us were :
ALL SOCIAL MEDIA: When will the club be sold?
KRO BIRMINGHAM QUESTION:’how much debt is the club in, what specific plans do you have to make it profitable again and when will we start to see investment in the team ?
VITAL BIRMINGHAM QUESTION: How prepared are the club financially to be able to resist approaches for the clubs young talent, for example Demarai Gray ?
BCFCFREEFORUMS: what is your ‘role` at BCFC ?
BLUES COLLECTIVE QUESTION: Will there be more interaction with regular individual fans ?
BCFCFOLLOWERS QUESTION CT: Advisers or Ex-players involvement ?
ALL SOCIAL MEDIA -The Lee Clark Question
BCLFC BLOGSPOT QUESTION: Can you confirm the club’s stance is on the continuity between the club and Blues Ladies?

We thank them for their input at such short notice and look forward to giving all forums/pages & websites longer to debate and interact next time.
The meeting, as referred to earlier, was an ‘informal meeting’ and it was conducted in a very friendly manner but still proved to be constructive

The main priority is to bring new investment into the group, protect BCFC interests and improve communications with the fans, the task of improving communication will be helped by the fact that Panos is at the club full time.

Players, in the future , will only be sold if the offer is at the right price and not simply for financial gain, and to be fair we all know that Adeyemi handed in a transfer request after being awarded vice captaincy leaving the club with very little choice.

Investment on the playing side was not ruled out providing money was available or somebody came at the right money that kept the finances on a stable level

Panos being at the club full time has aided the day to day running of the club and has regular meetings with Staff at the club and with Lee Clark and his management team.

All in this was a very enlightening meeting , Which will hopefully be the first of many with fans groups. Panos and the Staff at BCFC understand how important the fans are to the club and are
determined to improve communication with the fans in the future . The Collective for one will give him our support in the hope that he can. We should also point out that many individual fans have had personal replies from Panos since his arrival something we all know did not happen with Mr Pannu. Blues Collective did suggest at the meeting about Panos making a statement in a upcoming match day programme, holding a fans forum and further meetings with fans groups similar to the one held.

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