Date: 28th July 2019 at 6:34pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray:

Ivan Sunjic is unquestionably an epic signing for our club.

Not only for footballing purposes but for what appears a highly valued investment. Not many Championship clubs offer five-year contracts to players, particularly not a club like Birmingham City. Our Chinese owners must feel this is a golden investment, hence the massive 30% sell-on clause.

To say this is a surprise is an understatement and I am sure supporters cannot quite believe just what happened.

This time last week we signed Crowley who immediately fitted in well and after playing against Swindon Town and scoring, gave us some hope.

Following this up with Ivan Sunjic is a colossal step which brings a real smile and renewed hope to everybody. Whatever is happening behind the scenes to enable this kind of transfer for a club that is considered strapped for cash by many, is of little importance to us supporters. After all, we have gone through the mixer over the years, trying to fathom out our finances and all the point deduction threats.

Is this a new beginning at Blues?

Let’s hope so.

Should Sunjic’s signing be followed up by another ‘biggie’ then, for me, the club is on a totally new level with Premier League the target. Get it right this window and who knows what will be followed up in the next one. Exciting times, and yes, long overdue. Roll on Brentford is a comment I never thought I would utter-but there it is.

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3 Replies to “Sunjic signing is nothing short of epic for Birmingham City FC – Opinion”

  • They may well be people that consider us a poor club strapped for cash skint. But no the club is not skint they do have money financial fair play stops you from spending your money because you can’t spend more than you have coming in. So in that sense every championship club in the same boat. It’s no different for Birmingham than anyone else. There will always be those people that run down our club
    And make things out to be something they’re not. We’re not the richest club in the world world or even the championship but we’re O.K and from what I can see see the club spending money wisely. Apparently two strikers will be signing soon and also an attacking midfielder hope this is true because it’s well needed.

  • I don’t think the moaners will give the team time to settle and by Christmas it will be mass cries of owners and coaches out.

  • It’s nothing to do who sign or how big the player is the fans will start to moan and complain if by Christmas.we find ourselves in the bottom six ultimately it’s about results I see nothing In the record cl coltit to tell me we are in safe hands and if it turns out he is no good and results are rubbish it doesnt matter how much we have spent or how good the players are Christmas is plenty of time to know where we are going and therefore a change in manager .the board have backed their ma .now it’s up to him

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