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Nottingham Forest – 3rd March 2018

A trip to Nottingham Forest is always one I look forward to. On this occasion though, the beast from the east reigned in most of my excitement.

I spent the best part of the morning checking Twitter updates in expectation of a postponement. When that didn`t materialise, I was forced to battle the snow and icy pavements as I made my way to Wilnecote train station.

Arriving in Nottingham, the first task was to find a pub. After having a wander, we stumbled upon a Wetherspoons named The Joseph Else, situated in the city centre. Having swigged my first pint of Carlsberg, the talk turned to TV, food and dogs… anything to avoid the inevitable pessimism a football conversation between Blues fans would bring.

One more pint in, we had exhausted all other topics so had no other option but to turn to the subject football.

Chiekh Ndoye was the first port of call. ‘If he plays, I`m going home`. That led to me enquiring about the odds of the big man netting his first Blues goal – eventually reading 15/1. That was until it was suggested ‘I`d give you 50,000 to one if you give me a quid right now`.

That was a conversation finisher.

With that pound coin still firmly in my pocket, our attentions turned to Steve Cotterill. The fact he was being replaced by Garry Monk, regardless of the outcome of the Forest game, was hardly a secret. In a way it made the defeat we all knew we was about to embark upon slightly more bearable. ‘At least we`ll be shot of him come five-o-clock`.

The first 45 minutes was drab. It was oh-so Steve Cotterill. Pass, pass, pass back to keeper, hoof. Lose the ball. Win it back, pass, hoof, goal kick. Win header, lose 50/50. Pass, hoof, flick on, hoof, goal kick. The first half from a Blues perspective.

I`ve never witnessed a Blues away contingent to be as quiet as they have been in the last few away games. We`ve had disastrous managers in the recent past – Lee Clark and Gianfranco Zola to name a couple – but even they didn`t manage to create an environment so dour that the fans had totally given up vocally. What`s the point in using precious lung capacity? We knew what was going to happen. The most exciting thing about the first half was the emptying of my bladder.

The noise got going though after the home fans chanted ‘you`re getting sacked in the morning` to the perplexed (soon-to-be-former) Blues boss. The Blues fans duly joined in.

Obviously, we were two down with eleven minutes to go but, to their credit and our amazement, Blues had a go. It has always baffled me how teams can play so poorly for 80 minutes then suddenly find a rhythm so late into the game. That is what Blues did. Michael Morrison – who I do not like one bit, but was happy to see him recalled purely for the fact I wouldn`t have to watch Marc Roberts attempt to break the world record for the amount of misplaced hoofs – scored a consolation which was greeted by muted cheers.

Another game, another defeat. But we did score. That is one to tell the grandchildren.

The train journey home was dominated by thumbing down my smartphone checking for the Tweet. Nothing. ‘We`re now approaching Derby`. Still nothing. ‘We`re now approaching Burton-On-Trent`. Silence. I get up and stand by the door. One last check. ‘We`re now approaching Tamworth`.

Vibration. A text from a Forest fan (a work friend) ‘Cotterill`s gone`. I found it hard to believe until a voice from two carriages down shouted with excitement ‘ HE`S GONE, WOOOHOOO`.

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7 Replies to “Away Day Diary: Nottingham Forest (03/03/2018)”

  • Wooohooo indeed! Unfortunately this shambles of a managerial appointment the last 5 months has already caused ‘collateral damage’ in the shape of Lee Carsley leaving Blues. I thought he was possibly one for the future, once his coaching skills had been crafted. And something I thought the club was working towards with a long-term plan. Starting at the right pace and place in training the under 23’s, and working his way up to possibly first team number one………”I’m also surprised LC is going to be his assistance after stating the next manager needs to have experience in Championship promotions. Really hope this doesn’t mess up LC’s development, although you can learn a lot about yourself during a bad situation.”………………An extract from a post I wrote on here hearing SC wanted LC has his assistant……….I genuinely hope LC will go on from this to make better decisions in the future!

  • Very good comments made BS. We do appear to let the good people go.Just hope the current backroom,including Monk stand by us in league one.

  • Sorry lads but there is no findmental evidence that Lee Carsley performed miracles. We like him because he’sa local lad and ex-player but he has been living on the back of Richard Beale’s achievements. He could have taken the job after HR was sacked but he didn’t want it. Doesn’t really show ambition does it?

  • Rob. I think the decision not to take up the reigns after HR was sensible more so than lacking ambition. He said at the time he wasn’t ready and wanted to learn more at under 23’s level…….That’s why my initial post 5 months ago, highlighted my surprise he had stepped up to the first team so soon……..Sure I did very much see LC possibly managing Blues years up the road if he was good enough, having first worked his way up through the different ranks. I assumed it was the long-term development plan and therefore in my view SC has railroaded it. Albeit LC could have said no and stayed with the kids…….. I agree, there is no evidence he was doing anything great ? my point is he was a future asset. But now we will never know! And I do admit growing up in Sheldon and knowing older members of his family in my younger years does have a bearing on my thoughts and feelings. But even so, I still think anyone working alongside SC is sabotaging their own career to a certain degree. Don’t you?

  • This may be controversial, but I am glad he has gone. His stay coincided with our massive downturn (or at least a big part of it) and we’ll never know how much influence he had on that (I suspect at least some). At the least he did not come across as ambitious or even inspirational.
    I think both the board and the incoming manager wanted to be sure to clear all the cobwebs out.
    I am sure Lee is a thoroughly decent bloke and I genuinely wish him all the best for the future.

  • I’ not quite sure why he is being labelled with the ‘not ambitious’ tag. Don’t forget he played for a very good PL team in Everton.

  • Moreover, it was the early stages of his coaching career. Can we really expect him to pull up trees at such an early juncture??

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