Date: 9th January 2017 at 8:53pm
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I leave myself open to ridicule by what I’m about to write. After all, if Blues suffer another loss against Nottingham Forest, many will regard my words as irrelevant nonsense.

Since the day Gianfranco Zola walked into Birmingham City, he’s been fighting fire. He’s been putting out the flames with the fans, seething at the sacking of Gary Rowett, and fanning the flames of the players, a hard working bunch of limited ability. He’s been on a hiding to nothing with nowhere to turn and no one to publicly back him up.

If football is about entertainment, then Rowett was redundant. If it’s about results, then Zola has had an abysmal start. Yet if it’s about progression, Zola is slowly guiding Blues into the light. It has, and will continue to, take time. As we knew it would. But the progression, in a football sense, is evident. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Zola can try, though.

People can point to results, they can point to Rowett’s controversial sacking (but no mention of him flashing his knickers to every possible suitor). The bottom line is this. I, like many others, go to St. Andrews to be entertained. While Rowett steered Blues away from relegation, something we will always be grateful for, the style of football, or rather the lack of it, made me want to poke my own eyes out and put them in the slow cooker.

In Zola’s five games in charge, Blues have enjoyed more possession than the opposition in three – in the previous 22 games under Rowett, two.

What Zola must embark upon now is to carry on building the foundations and not be tempted to turn his back on them because the results haven’t been going our way. Because the results will come, eventually. And the first win will do everyone the world of good. None more so than Franco himself.

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10 Replies to “Zola is making Blues sexy, now he needs results”

  • I have never seen sexy football at Blues and neither have the other supporters. Possession football? It might backfire and we will lose all of the supporters. Lets face it they have hardly witnessed anything flash and sexy before. A couple of blokes who sit behind me just keep shouting FORWARD!!!!! so they wont be happy seeing us pass the ball around lol

  • Gazal- that’s the problem. Blues fans have had so many years of watching the team sit back and hoof it. Rowett did well but the football was dreadful, Clark was clueless, Hughton did well but relied on counter attacking, McLeish was as negative as they come. Should make a nice change

  • Whether it is for his own benefit or blues, Mr PSCH is out to make this club successful .He has brought Zola in to make the football very entertaining ….He is a very clever man that bucks what should happen in life , an makes lame ducks into graceful swans ..Will he make it with blues , and will Zola give us the football we like . Blues have bucked the odds before , we have a long way to go , who’s up for it , who are ya ,

  • Absolutely agree regardless of the result on Saturday. This is a journey we are on not a quick fix and its not going to happen overnight. We should embrace it, it might end up being something the likes of which we’ve never seen before

  • Results will come, OK But what happens if we are relegated before we see the results??????????
    Will the board back Zola’ then as they have not shown any balls and come out to back their man so far. He is all on his own facing the fans and the media he must have tuff skin I give him that. We need Results it cant stay like this because we will full down the table It’s good the board want entertaining football we all like that but we must not full below 10th otherwise we are seen as a bottom half team and what quality player want to join a straddling club at the bottom.

  • Agree with all the comments made. We as a club are moving into a totally different arena under Zola. We are in a strange place. If Zola is given time then maybe we are heading into a welcome ,refreshing way of seeing football being played as it should be. Accept a league position this season of mediocrity,accept a period of change that will not get us into the play offs and accept things can and will get better-then we all breathe a little easier and more importantly,it gives the little man some valued,quality time to please us.

  • Waycoolblue – they have backed their man by giving him the job. There is no need for them to come out and publicly back Zola because, like most people, they understand that results will be slow while the style of play is under transition. We will not get relegated.

  • Rob Wildey I don’t except that they backing there man just in giving him a job they gave GR a job and he did well but look what happened to him. We are in relegation form 1 point in 12 les than Rotherham. It’s the lowest in the league. they just seem to be faceless controllers with no communication skills what so ever. I mine there is privet and there is obsolete as supporters we disserve more from them.

    What as happened as happened and we cant do anything about that but it would be nice to know what the plans are.
    At games the fans are divided and the unhappy number is rising with every bad result and its not all about GR it?s mostly about not knowing who the owners really are and where they want to take the club. GR sacking was just the spark that lit the fire.
    It?s worrying because we don?t get sell outs every week as is so we cant afford to lose 50% of the supporters.
    Due to bad communication and a complete lake of understanding.
    Where I sit fans are so divided it is unreal there is bickering all game about where the club are going and where we will be.
    So many want Zola OUT. I want results I can see what Zola is trying to do it?s going to take time and money. Which most fans including my self believe we don?t have the money. And 10mill don?t buy you what we need. They have come in to our hose and burnt it down. Now it need fixing.

  • Waycoolblue – They didn’t give Rowett a job. They inherited him. And as far as results go, you have to look at the bigger picture. I’d rather see us expand and play a good brand of football. If we do that, the results will come eventually.

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