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“You need some pointers”- Many Blues fans tear into CEO after comments following Bellingham sale

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With his final day now just a day away, it’s time for everyone to give Jude Bellingham their farewell message.

The club announced yesterday that the 17-year-old prospect will leave the club for Borussia Dortmund after tomorrow night’s game with Derby County, with some fans believing that he deserves to be given the captain’s armband for his final outing at St Andrew’s.

Speaking to the club website about the deal, Blues CEO Dong Ren spoke about the player that Bellingham has become, and thanking all parties involved for the way the whole situation was handled:

 “We have always understood that such a talent would be coveted by some of the world’s biggest sides and I wish to thank Jude and his family for the way in which they have handled this situation. I also wish to personally thank the staff at the Club, and particularly those within our Academy, who have worked alongside Jude over the last eight years.”

Do you wish we could have held onto Bellingham a little longer?





Nice words on the face of it, but it didn’t take long for Blues fans to tear into the CEO for his comments, and more importantly using them as a stick to beat him with when it comes to his running of the club over the years.

What about you? What do you make of Ren’s message?

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  • Gee man says:

    Like to wish Jude Bellingham all the best for the future at Dortmund he was a credit to the blues .
    As for dong sell up and then I will renew my SEASON TICKET without hesitation,what will happen with the money for Bellingham’s sale, your guess blues fans
    one thing for sure it won’t go on new player’s.
    So I beg for you cronies to leave my club so we can get decent owners in.

  • R Smith says:

    Noddy, Sullivan and Gold left because they couldn’t con Birmingham City Council into giving them a free stadium, unlike Johnson did in London. (No connection between Brady being a Tory of course)
    They were never committed to the club, never spent anything like as much as they have at WHU and never even completed the ground. And remember they bought if for a pound and sold it for how much? over 60 million. Worst of all they sold it to that clown Yeung.

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