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With nothing better to do – the EFL after Birmingham City again

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What is it with Birmingham City and the EFL.

Again they are chasing us with their belief that we have breached the financial rules.

They brought about a charge and an independent committee ruled in our favour. We were cleared two months ago.

This obviously has angered the EFL and now they are appealing the independent ruling. Nice timing when football is on its knees during this awful Coronavirus pandemic.

The EFL, in my view, should be thoroughly ashamed – not only of their actions but of their timing. Other clubs seemingly get less thrown at them by this group of power-crazed elite but the very title Birmingham City apparently sets the fuse alight, my opinion obviously.

Whatever we may or may not have done, cannot be that serious as to release this appeal at such a sensitive time. In my view, the EFL never do themselves any favours with the footballing supporters, with dictatorial attitudes their speciality.

Should they win their appeal, which is more than likely, then our hierarchy would be excused for packing it all in.

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  • Charles says:

    This is all to drive down the transfer of Bellingham. The EFL were again annoyed that we did not sell Bellingham at a knock down price. They did the same with Adams. Blues will never be allowed to prosper under this lot and sad to say if we were ever on the edge of oblivion the EFL would gladly give us that final shove.

  • Smithy says:

    What we need is a real spokesperson for our club.We don’t have one. It would be nice to have an ambassador-preferably a club legend like Francis who could raise our profile. Nobody but nobody speaks up ever for Blues. Sad but true.

  • Mark Ford says:

    A which hunt pure and simple

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    The club was found not guilty. They don’t like that so they have appealed if the club is found not guilty yet again they will appeal again until they get the verdict they want. F**k the EFL they are corrupt ba***rds.

  • Poppa999 says:

    If Birmingham lose the appeal can they re-appeal like the EFL have been able to?

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