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Wind of change needed with EFL inconsistencies

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Yesterday’s superb Almajir article EFL: The Wrong Hill really underlines the need for change within the EFL.

There is one fundamental issue that all football supporters want within our game, fairness and clarity. As we stand, we have neither. What is totally perplexing is why the EFL continue to act as they do, knowing that confusion and inconsistency seem to rule with the overall feeling that they are incompetent.

As Birmingham City followers, we know what it is like to be bullied by this footballing body whereas other clubs appear to be exempt from punishment. During this awful Coronavirus period and the devastation it will have on football in the future, it would have been a good window of opportunity for the EFL to show bucketloads of compassion and support to all of their clubs.

When relative normal service resumes, I fear many clubs will fear for the future and many may be unable to even think of financing the next season. At present the EFL has seventy two clubs under their umbrella, let us hope this figure remains intact. Should Clubs survive and miraculously continue then it must be on a high agenda to get this EFL sorted when the opportunity arises.

Consistency is all football supporters want, whether it be referees, governing bodies or fairness in ticketing allocations for the big games including cup competitions. Something is wrong with our game at the moment and there is an unease within, in my view. Governing bodies like FIFA and the EFL have got far too big for their boots with an arrogance that sickens the average club supporter.

Wind of change is needed, especially starting with the EFL. As for our club, we appear to get zero support from other clubs as nobody else appears to be getting clobbered for far more serious misdemeanours. Almajir gets it spot on, in my opinion, but I doubt whether the EFL does.

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  • Hatton says:

    Perhaps there is a genuine reason why the EFL keep pursuing our club. Maybe we are not acting in a proper manner. Who knows. We get little from the club with regard to open frankness and a feeling of togetherness. This has stemmed from way back to 2011 after lifting the Carling Cup. You are right about Almajir as he appeared single handed in guiding us through the Carsengate years.He even visited Hong Kong if I remember rightly to try and fathom out what was going on. Some sort of figurehead is desperately needed at the club to connect with the supporters.

  • MA24 says:

    Sorry.. I genuinely don’t tend to criticise articles but you keep mentioning the concept of consistency, yet fail to identify what the inconsistencies are or provide any examples. Sheffield Wednesday and Derby have been charged with the likes of Stoke and Reading also being under the microscope. If their outcomes are dissimilar then you have a case for it, but not right now. Never write an article for articles’ sake. I do however agree that Dan’s piece was up to its usual good standards and that the appeal by the EFL lacks in judgement. KRO

  • Mitchell says:

    Point taken MA24. Next two months should see further clarification.

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