Date: 27th November 2018 at 9:51am
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Mitchell Bray says:

Whichever way it is deciphered or considered, the plain facts are that the EFL are certainly making life difficult for Garry Monk.

It was widely reported yesterday that the club’s FFP hearing will take place in February 2019.

This means, of course, that the manager’s hands will be tied in yet another transfer window.

He will not be allowed to do his job. This is the worry for all supporters of the club. Monk is a good manager that needs to manage, it is his career and it is his aim to be a success.

Nobody would blame this likeable and talented man if he were tempted away by a more stable environment. Can anyone really see him standing still through another barren window? I certainly cannot.

What of course has not helped is the hierarchy of our club, who continue to exercise their right ‘to remain silent’. We hear nothing and know nothing. No club I would imagine would receive this type of treatment.

Therefore my thoughts turn to our manager who although very dignified and respectful will, in my opinion, entertain a change of employment unless he considers our owners to be decent and the long-term future rosy.

Somehow it doesn’t ring true.

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3 Replies to “Will Gary Monk Look To Pastures New Now We Know Yet Another Transfer Window Will Pass Us By”

  • So your basically just guessing another pethetic story on this site no facts nothing firstly were waiting for the efl to get back to us what are the owner’s supposed to do ? Also I’m sick of people saying he will move on yes he might do eventually who knows but he’s known the situation for a while he’s had he would of moved on by now why would he anyway ? He loves working with the player’s and the player’s love working with him hense the large part of this season so far

  • The hearing could go ever way you don’t know witch way it will go. So you’re just jumping to conclusions. Monk’s hands are tied his known this since the summer he can only make one more loan singing and that won’t change we know the hearing will not change that it’s being done after the January window. So as far as that goes nothing has changed so why would Monk change his views. He as planed for and worked hard for all session. Or are you just scaremongering.

  • Waycool and Damian make good points and I wish it were a case of scaremongering as you put it.Reality is that the EFL have,in my view deliberately put back the hearing until after the next transfer window closes. Why ,when they could have exercised this before and everybody would have been clear about it. Damian makes the point that our owners are waiting for the EFL to come back to us.He could well be right.What I do know is that our club is disliked by many other league clubs including Leeds and Bristol City and are actively seeking harsh punishment by the EFL. We,in truth have not done much wrong,but nevertheless the authorities do appear to want to make a statement.Last week,Man.City threatened to throw their mighty clout should they be sanctioned over FFP.It would be good to hear whether our hierarchy would follow suit. Nothing comes out of the club,and many would defend that ,but silence is sometimes not golden.

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