Date: 24th September 2015 at 11:37am
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Despite having a name that would fit neatly into a story book, David Davis is a player that needs to be taken seriously.

As players, I am a fan of Shinnie, Toral and Kieftenbeld who occupy that central midfield area. I think that their technical ability is far better than Davis’ and they can chip in with more goals too.

What they don’t give you, is that extra edge. The tenacity that is like a bulldog running after a bone. David Davis always seems like he has a point to prove when he steps out onto the pitch, because he looks like a man on a mission.

We have all seen the way that astronauts boldly walk to their gleaming rockets before a mission, well this is the same walk that Davis does out of any football tunnel in the UK.

In the best possible way, he is annoying. In summer when you are chomping on your ice cream, there is always that one wasp that won’t leave you alone. This is the animal kingdom’s comparison to David Davis.

As much as we hate wasps, opposition players hate Davis. He constantly nips at their heels and won’t give them time on the ball. If no time on the ball is being given, then passes tend to go sideways or backwards which relieves our defence of pressure.

Against Villa, he was by far our best player, maybe bar Big Tom in between the sticks. For a player who has been on the fringes of the team to come in and put a performance like that in shows not only his ability but also his character. He isn’t phased by anything and this is the type of player that we need.

Robbie Savage was a player who translated the passion of the fans onto the pitch. I see this same spark in Davis. Sometimes, you don’t have to be technical, just put your body on the line and play simply. That’s it.

If we continue to put Davis on the bench, then we run the risk of conceding more goals. We run the risk of more defensive errors such as Spector’s against Ipswich.

It baffles me as to why he isn’t starting games. He has had a good pre-season and as far as I know hasn’t had a major injury that has forced him to not start games. He is just out of favour. But a player who gives so much on the pitch and breaks play up so efficiently, has to be starting if we want to get anywhere in this league.

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