Date: 3rd August 2018 at 6:00pm
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It’s been a deeply unpleasant last few weeks if you have been a Blues fan. Not necessarily because of the transfer embargo per se, but more because of the lack of communication from the club and the anxiety which that induced among the fanbase.

The EFL statement yesterday evening at least clarifies things, both for us and for Garry Monk and his staff. It’s not what he would have been hoping for but at least he can now plan for the future. He knows that he can bring in five signings, albeit on loan or for free, and the limit on wages will, of course, curtail who we can bring in.

However, it is important to note that the club can now completely ignore the transfer deadline next Thursday. In their agreement back in February, the EFL clubs stipulated that loans and free transfers are allowed up to August 31st, meaning we now have four weeks to bring in the players we need.

This is not ideal as clearly, the manager would have liked to have his full squad in place before the start of the season. With the opening fixture just a day away, we are definitely short in some areas, but at least, this gives Monk something to work with.

We will have to be conscious of the fact that the quality of the signings are unlikely to be to the standard we would be hoping for due to the financial restrictions. However, I am confident that the backroom staff and scouts will have considered this scenario already.

There are a number of talented young players in the Premier League who need game time, and although the options on the free transfer market aren’t particularly great, I trust Monk to make the right decisions here. He is a man with a forensic attention to detail and he’s likely got his eye on some players who despite our lack of funds could still make an important impact for us this season.

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6 Replies to “Why Garry Monk Should Be In No Rush To Get Signings Through The Door At Birmingham”

  • Not enough depth in the squad to go a whole season. Injuries and suspensions plus fatigue will take its toll over a season. Mid table finish would do nicely for me in the circumstances.

  • One available Goalie, three full backs and limited strike force. We could be decimated in 7 days. Need to get bodies in asap. Nothing to do with deadlines its sanity

  • Nowhere in the EFL as it been writen we can only sign loan or free players. I have looked I have asked PPL and no one as seen this writen where as this came from. Where is the clubs statmont saying this where is the EFL sratmont saying this or are you repeating what others are saying. All the statmont says on players coming in is a limit of 5 players and a cap on wage and fees. That duse not main no fees a loan signing would have a fee a free singing would cost a wage. So the only way we could get any players in would be to go down the park and ask some kids if they want to play for us.

    Now what if GM whants just 1 player that will cost a fee but that fee for 1 player is les than the conbind fees for 5 on loan players and is within the wage cap. Are you telling me he could not sign him.

  • Let’s stop this Waycool bashing for a second.None of us are perfect and at this time we all need to stick together.This season,I believe,will be tough and all bluenoses will be hoping to get over that 46 point mark,rather than scoring points over ‘spelling’ hiccups.

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