Date: 5th January 2017 at 5:44pm
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The January transfer window is an extremely hectic period with clubs looking to secure deals for players that could be the difference in them gaining promotion or falling at the final hurdle.

As a result of this, clubs may end up having to pay over the odds for players due to the prize of getting to the Premier League or staying in the Premier League being so financially beneficial.

For some clubs in the Championship, the signing of a £10m striker will push them over the line and ensure that they will be the club popping open the champagne come May.

We have already seen Blues linked with players that are clearly on high wages and also carry with them a hefty price tag.

Yes, we have money to spend (a reported £10m) but that is still far from what other clubs are able to spend so it’s crucial that we spend this money wisely and not let it go to waste.

We are also in a position where teams higher up in the Championship have that advantage of using their current league position and situation to aid their pursuit of a player.

From the outside looking in, Blues are in a poor run of form under a new manager looking to change the style of play which will take time and, if a player was to drop down from the Premier League, their eyes would naturally gaze towards the likes of Newcastle, Brighton and Derby etc.

A reported target of ours, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, is a highly sought after player and it’s obvious that a club like Brighton would lead the chase ahead of us.

For Gianfranco Zola, it’s important that he chooses wisely as to who he wants us to proceed with and attempt to sign this window.

Most of the names I have seen linked with Blues are very unlikely to materialise into anything and, as a club, we are still very much the underdogs in the race for a player like Bakary Sako.

It’s crucial that we don`t waste time over deals that are a miles off from happening.

Yes, let’s be a little bit ambitious but we also need to stay realistic. £10m is a lot to us but it won’t allow us to make drastic changes to the squad and other clubs will still lead the chase ahead of us.

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2 Replies to “Why Blues need to choose wisely this transfer window”

  • Much is being said about our current form under Zola but the rot had already started under Rowett. Our form was terrible and we were scraping results here and there. Take a look at Newcastle. Did they start their season off well? and given the top rated manager had spent the latter part of last season at the club and had a full close season its fair to say that any manager who has a style of play will take a little while to get things into place. On the subject of transfers you are completely right, but again money doesn’t buy success in this division, a good manager who can organise and motivate players whilst getting them playing as a team can go a long way. We have a lot of hard workers, endeavor and togetherness in the squad and a nice sprinkle of quality to go with this can go a long way to entertaining us rather than frustrating us into silence on the terraces so I am exited about then prospect we have owners willing to invest money and a manager who will give us entertaining football. Will he get us into the Premier league? who knows but he will build a good foundation and I am looking forward to being a part of it.

  • We are in a game of never ending circles….Where if the manager doesn’t give instant success he is sacked …Which is putting the club in a bad position …We ain’t going to zoom right to the top of the prem straight away ..And the way to get success is to have around 16 quality players together at one time …Which means it will take time ….Which means the first players bought need to be young so that they are at the right age when the 16 th player is bought ..And not sell any of them until then …The problem is the manager is under pressure to have success now which means a manager is tempted to buy players to keep his job and not for the good of the club in the long run …Having owners who are not in premiere ship class for wealth and are expecting success with relatively a poor outlay is a bit of a bummer …Although Mr Hung is a very astute man when it comes to success …Let’s hope he doesn’t put his own profit too early in the game and end up with no success …We will see how well the owners intent has turned out at the windows close …As good intentions or an open cheque book doesn’t guarantee success …Come on limitations are the biggest cause of failure …..

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