Date: 25th January 2017 at 8:00pm
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There’s more to Jack Storer’s return than meets the eye. Having a loan spell at League Two Yeovil Town cut embarrassingly short shows the cracks in the players make-up.

Back in August, Storer burst on to the scene as a second half substitute against Wolves at St. Andrews. The hype surrounding his inclusion was in the back of his head and with an eagerness to impress, the striker was sent off for violent conduct. Gary Rowett went public with his condemnation of the 19-year-old.

A statement from Yeovil Town today suggested that Storer had returned to Blues for ‘personal reasons’ so I’m not claiming that Storer has been up to no good. This article is an analysis of why a player who was so close to the first team picture was sent on loan in the first place.

It’s likely that Gianfranco Zola will seek pastures new for Storer on a temporary basis once again. The experience he craves will not be on offer in the development squad – he’s been there and done that. Storer needs first team football. Only then will he learn how to chanel his aggression correctly and how to apply himself. And maybe, just maybe, he can return to Blues and make an impact on the first team.

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9 Replies to “What’s in Store for Jack?”

  • Reece Brown,Storer- we are fast becoming a centre for dysfunctional souls. Wouldn’t it be lovely if one of them could put a ball in the net.However that’s just me dreaming.

  • I think making a good impression and working hard to get back in the first team squad is the only option he has now. We don’t know the details and shouldn’t make assumptions about the situation, but regardless of the circumstances things are changing at the Blues now and it will be a lot more difficult for him to break through. Shame really because he had a brilliant pre-season.

  • If you don’t know why his loan spell was cut short you don’t know if it was anything embarrassing so in tern you don’t know it shows any cracks this is yet more slating of a player before you know the facts. The lad will never live down that sending off if people don’t stop bringing it up. Personal reasons could main anything but all you are looking for is more muck to sped. give the lad a brake and maybe he will get first team football with us just maybe he will be our star this season or next. And maybe he wont but I can tell you he can do without people like you banging on about thing you know nothing about. this web site is starting to replicate the Birmingham Mail with all the rubbish articles coming out on what I did think was a decant site written by Supporters but it is not the same anymore.

  • Waycool-calm down.This article or current topic is not nasty in any way. Facts are that Storer doesn’t help himself much and perhaps if he reads what people think and everyone is wrong,then he should go out and show them on the pitch.Rob Wildey hasn’t invented words from Yeovil-he has just relayed them back on this site for comments. As regards this site etc.i do seem to remember your comments on a former popular site that is now obsolete and your anger did spill out many times.Not worth the raised blood pressure.

  • WayCoolBlue – would you rather us not comment on anything at all in case it offends you? This website is written by fans, fans have opinions, this is mine. Brooklyn is right, it’s not worth stressing about. Rest assured, I’m not trying to “sped” anything. Just analysing a situation as I see it. I could accuse you of the same thing in your constant slating of Zola…

  • @ Rob & Brooklyn opinions, are not Facts. Also no I don’t rate Zola but I have not exactly slated him. I do however like what he as dune in the transfer window so far. Brooklyn how do you know he as dune anything wrong? . He may also reads what people think and be and think to him self is it worth it when people are writing and assuming bad of him. And that’s my opinion.

  • I have heard he was sent on loan as we were trying to bring in a top striker – however the deal fell through. Storer complained to Blues about lack of playing time at Yeovil and he was advised by someone at the club to come back to Blues as it suited both Jack and the club. Personal problems were the only excuse that the league could not question for cutting the loan short.

  • Ljaz- how can you complain about a lack of playing time after 2 weeks? WayCoolBlue – some of your previous comments have really ripped into Zola.

  • Rob you should open a new website call it (Wildey Know All) Joking aside. We was not talking about Zola but as you say maybe I do think he is a rubbish manager but I have seen the evidence that he is not up to the job as yet. I see it every week on the pitch. What evidence do you have on young Jack Storer. Your just assuming there are cracks.

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