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“What was the point”, “we get it”- Lots of Blues fans left frustrated at latest club news

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Lots of Blues fans have been reacting to the latest news from the EFL.

When is an update not really an update?

At least last time when they told us that games weren’t going to be taking place, they gave us an actual date that they might be working off, that being April 30th. However, this one just leaves us with more questions than answers really.

So the EFL, along with the other prominent associations in the professional game, announced on Friday that the season isn’t going to be continued until it is ‘safe to do so’, which doesn’t really tell us when, if at all, football is going to return.

Do you think the 19/20 season will get finished?





And it seems as though these Blues fans are as angry about the decision as I am, because they took to social media to absolutely tear into the EFL for their decision, with many of the impression that it doesn’t really tell us anything new.

Hopefully the next statement they come up with will be more substantial.

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  • Chris says:

    It’s so embarrassing being a bluenose sometimes when supporters and BLOGGERS can’t except the reality of a situation. The update from the EFL was to tell us that April 30th was no longer a viable date for football to return, they can’t give a restart date because in all honesty nobody knows, why is that so difficult for people to comprehend?. Scientists are still trying to find a way to combat this virus, it’s not a case of take 2 paracetamol and you’ll be immune!!, and It’s alright saying play behind closed doors, I imagine that suggestion is coming from those “supporters” that don’t go anyway.

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