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“What a muppet”- These Blues fans left howling at comments made by key rival figure

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Lots of Blues fans have been reacting to some rather bizarre comments made by an important figure at our Second City rivals.

You don’t suppose maybe he’s caught something during the whole Coronavirus scare and things have gone to his head do you? Because that might be the only way that he’d think this would be OK to say these sort of comments without expecting some kind of pushback.

Aston Villa’s sporting director Jesus Garcia Pitarch recently spoke to Spanish outlet Cope (translated via The Daily Mirror) in which he said that the Premier League season needed to be stopped with there being no relegations:

“The most reasonable thing that everyone thinks is that, if the league has to be stopped, that there are no relegations. There is a certain unanimity that there should be no descent.”

Will Villa get relegated once this is all over with?





Funny he should say that given that Villa are currently 19th in the table, and although the club have since distanced themselves from the comments, it still hasn’t stopped plenty of Blues fans from tearing into the proposed idea.

They just can’t help themselves sometimes can they?

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  • Roy Smith says:

    Hijo de puta. Que tonto es!!

  • Chris says:

    What a sad desperate little man he is, he really should take relegation like a man rather than trying to weasel out of it. My worry is that if Prince William has anything to do with it then that might actually happen. Far too many things have gone their way as it is and let’s face it they don’t deserve to be in the Premiership.

    • Crocket says:

      Brady at west ham has voiced the same opinion, they wouldn’t be near the relegation area would they ?

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    In the event that they have to cancel the Premier League and championship along with first and second division Each team will be given the equivalent of a 1 point Draw at the end of the season for the remainder of their games. Whoever ends up at the bottom of the premier league will be relegated whoever ends up at the top of the championship will be promoted. And so write down to National League. I do think that would be the fairest way to do it.

    • Chris says:

      Waycoolblue, have you actually thought about what you’re saying?. If everyone was given 1 point for each of their remaining games then everyone will still be in the same position in the league as they are now!!!

      • WayCoolBlue says:

        Yes and so what. That would be the case in the Championship because everyone’s playing the same amount of games. In the Premier League there are teams with games in hand.

        But They will be played behind closed doors.
        Can’t see him voiding the season with only 9 games left.
        But I can see them cancelling the remainder of the season if Games cannot be played out.

        • Chris says:

          So what? So what’s the point giving everyone a point for their remaining games when it won’t change anything?, even the clubs that have the odd game in hand won’t be that much affected. You ask the clubs that are currently in the relegation zone of each league what they want to do and I doubt that any of them would say that your idea is a good or fair one. Those teams will want to battle for their survival.

  • Ijaz says:

    The fairest way is to play the matches behind closed doors. Even 5 penalties each would be fairer.

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