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“We showed that we can contend”: Clotet remains optimistic despite heartbreaking result – Report

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Well what more can you say about a game like that?

As I said yesterday, I’m quite happy just to put it down to ‘one of those games’ that quite frankly doesn’t make a lot of sense, and to try and spend time analysing it might just send you a little bit crazy. However, one man who does have to analyse that performance, mainly because it’s his job, is Blues head coach Pep Clotet, and speaking after the game, he was very much of the opinion that there were plenty of positives to take from the game, despite the result:

“We managed to come back to a team like Leeds United three times, and to score four goals against them is something that should fill the players with a lot of pride. But I am not satisfied with the result. We just want to shorten the distance between us and Leeds United this season and we showed that we can contend for something strong, as soon as we get better of course.”

This is something that I hinted at earlier today, do you think that the reaction to the game would have been different if the Blues had simply lost the game 1-0 rather than 5-4? At the end of the day, the result is the same, zero points and minus one in terms of goal difference.

I personally am looking at this in a positive manner, and focusing on the steps forward that the team is taking. Scoring four goals against one of the best defences in the league is a huge step fin the right direction for Clotet and his men, and if they can keep up that kind of display and performance as the season goes on, then I very much see it as a step in the right direction.

Obviously the defence needs fixing, but we’ve known that all season, hence why we’ve been talking about so many different ‘solutions’ to trying to fix it.

Are you looking at the Leeds game with a glass half...





But if half the job is sorted, then we can start putting more attention into what needs fixing, and then hopefully that will sort itself out before too long.

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