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“We are not in a hurry”: Aitor Karanka issues potentially worrying statement about Blues’ transfer window

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Well, at least we know that they’re working on it.

Although I still would have preferred that they did the whole thing a lot sooner, but you can’t win them all.

So the waiting is finally over, and Blues are getting ready to play their first competitive game of the season against Cambridge United, and with that comes Aitor Karanka’s first press conference of the campaign, and given the time of season, attention wasn’t purely based on our opponents.

The head coach also revealed that the club are not done in the transfer window, pointing out that he still intends to bring in another goalkeeper and another centre-forward:

 “The intention is to bring in another one (goalkeeper). I am pleased with Zach (Jeacock), but I don’t think he is ready to play Championship. Yes (We are looking for another striker… it is true (Lukas) Jutkiewicz can’t play again another 50 games alone. We are not in a hurry, we have four, five, six weeks to bring players in and to send players out.”

How much will Blues spend in this window?

More than £15m

More than £15m

£15m or less

£15m or less

So it’s a step in the right direction, I just hope that it isn’t a little too late to start doing all this. He says that we aren’t in a hurry, but we really are.

Even though there is a month still left in the transfer window, that isn’t the deadline we should be working to, it should be the first game of the league campaign against Brentford. In a division like this, every point counts (and as our poor form at the end of last year showed, a great start can really save you later on).

Whilst he might not be in a hurry to get the deals done, he might come to regret that mantra later on in the month and even the year if things start to go the wrong way for us.

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    Pleased we are not “done” in the transfer window!! So far we haven’t solved the goalkeeper or striker issues. We have recruited 3 players who are probably past their best – Leko who is unlikely to be on the paddock until the end of October and a couple of lower grade Spanish Division players. Worst case (and probably most likely) is we lose more than win in our first 10 games. Challenge for Karanka is to get the players performing at pre COV19 break standards quickly I was hoping for some inspirational statements to give us fans hope that this season is going to be more than just another survival battle. A comprehensive win against Cambridge would be a good start – anything less a prediction of my worst fears!

  • Brian Taylor says:

    Hate to say I told you so! I have been a Blues fan for over 70 years and to read Karankas comments about the team’s hang dog attitude gives me no confidence. There were players in that team who were not part of the Clotet post COV19 disaster and if they have also become losers already we have no hope. Karanka has to be a forceful manager and kick backsides. His recruitment so far has been uninspiring and to have experienced players putting in “shaky” performances against a team two divisions lower is just unacceptable. Could not have been a worse start and hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel already!!

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