Date: 11th May 2020 at 6:30pm
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This week will see various meetings planned by the FA and other footballing bodies and all fans, not least those of a Birmingham City persuasion, will undoubtedly be hoping they resolve, once and for all, whether this season’s campaign continues or finishes.

Without doubt, these are massive decisions which will divide opinion throughout the Premier League and the EFL leagues of the Championship, League One and Two. Nobody has come up with the ideal solution of how to complete the season, especially as the Coronavirus situation dictates everything at the moment.

With the best will and the most astute of reasoned thinking and analysis, it is hard to find an answer. Football is in a huge hole and is likely to be for a long time. Completing fixtures for this season is one thing, but being able to financially fund future seasons fixtures is another.

Apart from Premier League clubs, the EFL leagues will obviously suffer with many – not a few – needing financial support. Talk of regional leagues and ground-sharing is good up to a point, but actual cash injections will, in my opinion, be the only answer.

Never has there been a time for change and a dollop of compassion for the clubs outside the elite.

No club is asking for charity or handouts but more a fairness of monetary distribution giving a better and healthier chance of continuing to remain in existence. Whilst we all readily accept that sponsorship etc is necessary and needed for top clubs and top players, there is nevertheless a huge imbalance of actual money handed out throughout the leagues. We all know it and are used to it.

Sky is the provider of such wealth in the main which covers most top sports and they do it well. There will no doubt be discussions this week apart from completing this season’s campaign, and my hope is that whatever is decided for the future, will lean towards the survival of all our leagues.

During the last six weeks, the nation has all pulled together in a far worse scenario than football, and rightly so, but it also underlines what support can be achieved when help is needed. This week’s meetings provide an opportunity for our footballing bodies to reshape the future of our league clubs before many simply have to exit.

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  • Cannot see much future change to the game.As long as Sky dictates with top money for top teams then the gap will be the same. Would be nice to think otherwise but in reality it is the rich that gets richer.

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