Date: 10th August 2017 at 5:28pm
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Birmingham City manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed to the Birmingham Mail that he has been offered a couple of defenders from foreign leagues.

Speaking at his pre-Bristol City press conference, Redknapp gave an update on the Ryan Shotton situation as well as what his plans are for before the deal is complete.

The 70-year-old confirmed that the club have reach an agreement with big spending Championship side Middlesbrough for the sale of Shotton but he doesn’t want to let him go before he has reinforcements in the building.

Speaking to the Mail, Redknapp said: ‘We agreed a deal with Middlesbrough for Ryan. But we can`t let him go really without getting replacements in – that`s the problem, we have got to get some replacements.

‘There are a couple of centre halves I have been offered and have had good reports on from foreign clubs, so we are looking at them as well.

“We are having a look round to see what comes up. But until we get someone else in I can`t really let him go.”

Blues fans, do you think the club should stump up the money that Bristol City want for Aden Flint, the defender who is believed to be Harry Redknapp’s number one target? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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6 Replies to “Transfer Talk: Blues ‘offered’ a couple of defenders”

  • Depends on how much Bristol will really accept. I think Harry really wants him and you can see why. I dare say he gets offered lots of players as the agents these days are like telesales reps, and sure enough he will have identified a couple of alternatives and announced it publicly to try twisting Bristol’s arm a bit. No doubt he will go for one of the alternatives though if it doesn’t work. I dare say they wouldn’t have wanted him signed for us until after we have played them anyway.

  • Flint is a dominant centreback but could struggle for pace in the prem a little . £5.5 million …………Amen …

  • Shotton was never a problem.Decent player alongside Roberts,Morrison and add Grounds if need be.Why get rid and search for an adequate replacement. Remember Shotton was settled.What really irritates by our manager,who incidentally is beginning to annoy,is the obsession for midfielders and anything but what we need-strikers. With Bristol looming it appeares we finish another week ‘waiting for Jukey’ to return.At the end of my tether? It’s getting near. Harry for heavens sake get us a striker and if that’s a bridge too far-Sandbanks beckons.

  • Shotton has said he fancies the move to Middlesbrough so its not a case of Harry wanting to get rid. If Harry is annoying you its nowhere near as annoying as all you moaners doing nothing but whingeing. If this was the end of the window then fair enough but there are 3 weeks to go. And let’s be honest we’re not the most attractive of propositions so its not like signing players on football manager. Moan all you like on September 1st but in the meantime go and support the vile where your moaning belongs

  • We are not moaning,everyone is entitled to an opinion and raising their concerns which are valid. Shotton has been unsettled because he sees his starting position under threat,I think we don’t really need Flint when we have Shotton however as he wants away now it’s best we try and bring someone else in,Flint would be ideal however nowhere near the money Bristol C are asking.
    It looks increasingly likely a midfielder will be announced soon at St Andrews,great.I am sure the manager is equally aware of the need to add a striker or two and it will happen before the window shuts.We are anxious of course,fans want to see more transfer action.We must be patient,allow the manager to work the window as he always has then when it closes we can judge the team we have. KRO

  • Dean Smith. Shotton stated how settled he was at Blues and his family. Harry started all this remember.He never wanted a move.As regards moaning Dean – yes you are spot on. Since May,June,July and now August we have yet to get anyone signed up as a striker. At the start of the season fixtures being kind to us with Ipswich,Bristol,Bolton,Burton-even you would have signed a striker by now-realising big points up for grabs.Number one priority for Harry when he saw these fixtures was to get a forward in as of yesterday.

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