Date: 1st August 2017 at 3:48pm
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Birmingham City have launched a £5m double bid for Bristol City duo Aden Flint and Joe Bryan, according to Football Insider.

Harry Redknapp confirmed the other day that Flint was a player he was interested in and it now looks like the Blues boss is making his move.

Bryan, 23, is a left-back that is rated highly while Flint has established himself as a top Championship centre-back.

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10 Replies to “Transfer news: Blues make bids for Bristol City pair”

  • As you would expect the Bristol fans are hating the idea of this at 5m and it sounds like a steal. Bristol dont need the money from what I gather but who knows. Good business if it happens

  • It would be a great coup if Harry pulls this one off,at last some real news rather than media drummed up speculation,Flint is a very imposing figure with a handy knack of scoring goals.We already have one giant in Ndoye,Flint and Roberts at centre backs,brilliant.We would be very strong in defence if these two join and certainly would not allow the number of goals we conceded last season.Positive news at last,hope they both sign.

  • Le Hane.This is my honest take on things at the moment. TTA are in the throws of selling the club so money not now available as it was when Harry signed up. Supposing I am right,it would be the next transfer window when the new owners are in and then Harry-if still here-will be handed the money a la Wolves.

  • Where does the suggestion TTA are selling up come from? They were committed to the club back in June so what has happened to bring about your take on things Ohio?

  • As I feel confident in my thoughts about this I am emailing Brian Dick with my concerns. It is no good just me commenting without some concrete evidence.Yourself with Le Hane,David Village etc do need to know and if my feelings are totally wrong then great. We all get gut feelings but this change of atmosphere at Stans.and the recent comments made by our manager fuels my already deep seated doubts. Once Brian responds I will come back.

  • Offers would not be being made if the club was changing hands unless of course to prospective new owners were sanctioning them. The comments made by the manager are no different to those being made by a lot of managers in relation to the problems with bringing players in. Rowett has said the same today. All clubs have a budget and its only the fat cats who are spending big and paying the asking prices. The rest of us have to wait for the reality to kick in and hope that our offers will eventually be accepted. Its ok quoting big figures when the window opens as there’s plenty of time and always the chance someone will pay it, but as the deadline nears they need to bring their own players/replacements in and the whole picture changes very quickly. Its always the same so I for one am not panicking.

  • Ohio,I hear you,understand your concerns and hope to God that the club is not going through another takeover.I hope to read your feedback when you get a reply. Blues has been my passion nearing fifty years now.I have witnessed all the troubled times as well as the good ones.Two of my greatest memories were the Cup wins at Wembley when in division three,was at both games,amazing days with an awesome support of Bluenoses. I honestly think Redknapp would have walked away by now if he had no money to spend. He doesn’t need the job,he took it on for this season as he was assured he would have the backing of the board and I believe this will be his last job as a manager so he will be trying every trick in the book he has picked up over his career to build this squad to a place where we can challenge for promotion.As yet we are not ready for that however things possibly can change in the way gazal describes.I mentioned in a previous post that it would have been ideal if Redknapp had two years here,trying to build a promotion team in one season is extremely hard,trying to do it in one window is harder again.Given the money and two years we would be in a great position to challenge with this manager,he attracts players because of his success and his man management skills.I am hopeful we can challenge the top 6 this time round,it will be tough however possible IF he can get in the type of players he wants. I always try to stay positive even when the chips are down. KRO

  • Le Hane.thanks for your thoughts. Emailed Brian this morning (7am) so hopefully will get a reply.

  • Cheers Ohio,hoping to hear your feedback,will be keeping an eye on this page,your post has me worried and unsettled at a time when we are all happy with our manager,Hopefully he will become as popular when we look back as Barry Fry another charismatic character albeit not as skilled as Harry in management but will always hold fond memories for those who remember him and his antics at St Andrews.

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