Date: 31st March 2019 at 11:44am
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

Without doubt the run of five consecutive losses has deflated the most optimistic of supporters. Coupled with the fact that of our rivals across the city of five consecutive wins, life isn’t good being us at this moment.

We have experienced the month of March with zero joy after months of wishful thinking that perhaps a top six position may be possible. In reality, it never was. Forgetting the points deduction and the circus that went with it, we achieved fifty points, which for us with our squad, is above expectation. As we currently stand in the current awful run of results questions will be asked as to how good or otherwise our squad is.

In my opinion, we are simply treading water at the moment and hope we achieve the necessary points to stay up. Losing like we have and accepting that we have either not deserved it or been unlucky in the losses is not acceptable. Many clubs could say the same up and down the leagues. Reality is that we need an overhaul, and perhaps Garry Monk already has this planned, now the embargo has been lifted.

The feeling amongst blues fans seems to be that this current run has turned from bad luck to sheer incompetence as to how to manage latter stages of games. We tend to mismanage from around the 70th minute. Garry Monk’s run of losses is a stark reality for him and he is hurting no doubt, but he has had plenty of plaudits over the months just like Rowett enjoyed when little was expected due to financial restraints. What I am beginning to see is the backward step on the actual pitch with very little skill and know-how as to see out games when in decent positions.

Players like Jota and Maghoma have become ‘passengers’, Keifenbeld a liability with his kamikaze needless bookings, back four taken apart at will and a goalkeeper who should never be called that. My hope is that the next seven games will produce the points without the pathetic scrutiny of looking for Rotherham to slip up each Saturday. As regards any advice I would humbly give or offer to Garry Monk for the upcoming Leeds game is to play Roberts with Dean and Morrison making a solid back three. We need to get a point from somewhere as the last five games, against very mediocre opposition, has proved we cannot rely on our midfield nor Adams find the net.

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10 Replies to “Time for a reality check for all Blues fans.”

  • Yes I’m inclined to agree here. There needs to be a massive clear out in the summer, but let us be in no doubt it will depend upon what the quality of players we bring in dependent upon which Division we are in? Make no mistake this season is going down to the wire, and a final food for thought here…..Would it really be a bad things to get relegated and start again?

  • David,you may well be right.Why not try an article of yours. We do need more contributors.Perhaps your thoughts on the recent EFL saga or why we have gone five defeats on the trot. Are you happy with the present squad? There must be topics you would like to express or get off your chest. Take the plunge.

  • Problem with fellow supporters is apathy. Unlike most clubs we always settle for whatever is thrown at us without making a stand.Throughout the FFP saga and EFL bullying how many of Bluenoses tried to lobby our local press and Local radio station in an effort for support. Over the years the attitude has always been ‘what can we do’ in a defeating manner that is very easy.Sadly BCFC has no great ambassador to champion us.At one time I really thought Francis or maybe Jasper would lead us through the rough times but that was wishful thinking.

  • Excellent and totally correct comments. Monk’s limitations as a manager are now very apparent. Camp is our third best keeper totally ridiculous that we have two better keepers who are ostracised. Jota is a complete waste of space yet gets a spot on the bench every game. Vassell and Davis haven’t been the “White Knights” we had hoped. Action should have been taken after the Milwall disaster. If we are going to just go through the motions on the field and rely on others losing we may as well blood some youngsters who will at least give their all. Monk will surely go if we get relegated with his resume tarnished.

  • As regards Camp we all know his woeful performances.Just backtrack to his past clubs and their fans comments. Bigger picture is WHY this vital position in our team is in jeopardy each week when we already have two better keepers. Monk has never come clean on this issue and for paying fans this is unacceptable. Over the next few games this area of complete shambles will cost us.Absolutely no doubt.

  • At last we have some “great minds think alike” on here(Hatton and Walter) instead of day dreamers who really do think we are something we are clearly not! Straight talking and living in the real world needs to be applied, not only by some of the more, shall we say misguided supporters amongst us, but also the continued secret service aka: Owners of BCFC who need to take actions to get the club back into a better position in terms of good and regular PR with its supporters and football in general. Like may of us I am sick to death of being labelled a “joke club” and albeit mostly self inflicted,we the supporters are not and the club needs to be fully appreciated of the great level of supporters it has, sadly it appears to fall on deaf ears. PS: Have they got rid of REN yet…please!

  • Malcolm x is again spot on. Why oh why does it take for ever to get things moving at our club. We live in secrecy which no other club would tolerate.Even Bolton who are in dire trouble do get kept informed by their hierarchy as to up to date developments. Bottom line is that we are not regarded as worthy enough supporters to warrant any explanations and yet we turn up,pay our dues and whatever the result go home and keep quiet and come back another day with entrance money in our pockets. Such a shame as most blues fans would love to be part of a proper family club which we simply are not.Solihull Moors have better PR.

  • Like you Hatton, we are not being negative..quite the opposite. We just want to see action being taken. Solihull Moors, great set up and fingers crossed they get into League 2 asap. Wake up call for Blues owners: Maybe SM are the team for the future?

  • Since writing this piece it is fairly clear a few supporters do feel disconnected with the club. Apart from Garry Monk,we hear little which is not good. Problem lies,imo,with the deep quagmire of fragmented investors,with questions such as ‘who are these people’? Dragon Villa and the Cambodia Project to name but two. Solihull Moors has been mentioned and rightly so as a ‘connecting club’, and I give another example in Kidderminster Harriers.This club has always had a good family feel to it and genuine respect to it’s paying customers. Harriers are deeply respected throughout the footballing world because of their openness. That is something we lost after 2011.

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