Date: 12th January 2018 at 10:26am
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Birmingham City host Derby County tomorrow afternoon on the back of their best run of the season. Three successive victories, all with clean sheets, has lifted the spirits of the St. Andrews faithful.

Yet it cannot be forgotten that Blues are in the middle of a relegation battle and tomorrow`s clash represents a difficult challenge against a side currently occupying second spot.

Undoubtedly, Gary Rowett`s return will be the sideshow. After his sacking just over a year ago, Blues have declined. Three managers have arrived and departed, numerous players have dipped their toes in and out of the water and many fans still haven`t fully forgiven the club for taking such drastic and controversial action.

It was well documented that Rowett was eyeing up other jobs while he was holding the reigns in B9. He shouldn`t be criticised for that just like me and you wouldn`t be criticising for seeking a better opportunity. But we also shouldn`t waste any tears over him because, in my mind, if he hadn`t have been sacked, he eventually would have left of his own accord.

All that is water under the bridge now. He has moved on and Blues are trying to move on.

Three points is more important than welcoming back an ex-manager. I have nothing against Rowett but I hope tomorrow is as intimidating and torrid as it can possibly be.

In recent weeks, Blues have been organised and hard to beat. While the team isn`t exactly scoring goals by the hatful, they are posing a threat when venturing forward.

Jacques Maghoma`s return to the team has coincided with the upturn in form. Mags receives a lot of criticism in some quarters but you can`t fault the effect he has on the team. Simply put, Blues are a better, more cohesive unit, when he is involved.

But the mitigating factor of late has been the array of options from the bench. Che Adams` return from injury has offered another string to the attacking bow – assuming he isn`t sold to balance the books. The aforementioned Maghoma has been in a rich vein of form, resulting in Jota having to kick his heels from the side-line. The time will come when Jota will show Blues fans why the club invested so much money in him and Blues will be the main beneficiary.

I started this piece by mentioning the spirits of the fans being lifted. Regardless of how long that lasts for – and Blues could well be smashed back down to earth by 5pm tomorrow – we now live in hope that the team can survive. Hope has replaced the resignation, the acceptance that the club were heading for League One.

So for tomorrow, forget about a certain manager in the opposing dugout. Welcome him with a polite applause if you must but when the game kicks off, Mr. Rowett is an irrelevance.


11 Replies to “Three points is more important than welcoming an ex-manager”

  • I wasn’t sad to see GR leave Blues either because of the style of football we played under him. Although, I have always stated he deserved the opportunity to buy new players and change to a more attacking style, instead of getting sacked. He has a much better squad at Derby so it will be interesting to see how far he takes them, and what might have been at St Andrews if TTA had put their trust and money in him instead of Mr Zola.

  • Each Saturday now rips us apart like a dagger.Preston up next for our latest debacle.Wouldnt it be a blessing if the players,the manager and the ground simply folded.Everything about us is embarrassing.

  • If ever any fans need convincing of what our players give to our current plight,then what Rowett said after the game sums it up.He felt that the blues players had a relaxed second half and ultimately finished the game in a relaxed way.Well put Gary.

  • Ohio. Is that because they haven’t bought into SC’s ideas? Or is the situation worse than that with the players having no real interest in BCFC? I never agreed with the ‘turned corner’ belief; to me it was more a case of putting a plaster over an open wound which really needs stitches. Although, I am first to admit I have a negative attitude generally due to my dislike of SC. So we will see if this game is just a blip over the next few games? The worrying thing is it is another home game lost, and another week when we have the same result as the teams around us. It stops us being cut adrift at this point for sure, but It also stops us moving up the table and away from them also.

  • BS.When you see our defence cut open every week by appalling decisions and the lack of awareness by the players as to who is supposedly to receive the pass-it is down to the quality of coaching.Derby is a good example,as throughout the game their team were never more than 5 yards apart from each other.We have a laboured style where ?anyone? COULD ? receive the ball.Our players under a good coaching set up would never be flirting with relegation.Also players who have joined us have distinctly gone backwards,for the very reasons I have stated..

  • Even if we could sign new players,I am very wary as to whether it would be beneficial to the current situation and to the cause. IMO,we have no real structure to our game at the moment and yes at periods in the game we do look decent-but only fleetingly until a sucker punch comes in and 0-1 ,game over. Stick to what players we have at present,complete the season,and begin again with a new broom and a credible coaching staff. Others have done it and prospered e.g Millwall,Wolves,Sheff Utd ,Norwich and to a lesser extent Barnsley.Also,newly purchased players like Jota,Roberts and Vassell deserve better coaching for their own careers.

  • Please be not fooled fellow bluenoses by the Keifenbeld news.This is simply a little sweetener that fobs off the lack of transfer activity.This whole dreadful mismanagement of our club has made me,in particular,a really cynical sod.

  • It says GR and Derby don’t want him more than anything else imo. Dutch Mike is a trier but not a match winner so no big news for me.

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