Date: 26th August 2019 at 12:00pm
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I can’t believe I’m having to write this already.

As I briefly mentioned yesterday during the breakdown of the Swansea game, there are a number of fans who are already calling for Pep Clotet to be sacked.

Now whilst some of them could be sarcastic, much in the same way that fans instantly start talking about promotion whenever the Blues win, some of them, this guy in particular, seemed pretty adamant that he wanted change and that he wanted it now.

So with that being said, I have a question for you Birmingham City fans out there, and I want you to be honest. What are your expectations for this season? And to a lesser extent, what are they moving forward?

Seriously what are they?

I think we need to be honest about what our expectations are for Birmingham this season. If fans are calling for the boss’s head already, then I fear a lot of people are just asking too much of the team too soon.

The Blues aren’t in the best of places financially, hence why they only spent less than £10m in transfer fees over the summer. Do people seriously think that City are in a position to compete with the likes of Fulham, Derby County, Leeds United and the rest of the teams near the top of the table when they can’t afford the kind of squads they have?

Has the football been great? Well, we’ve had a bit of a mixed bag. The performance against Nottingham Forest was dire, but at the same time, the way the team responded with the display against Barnsley, the second goal in particular, shows that there is a side here with plenty of potential. We’re just simply not in a position to get promoted yet, that’s why I’m not overly concerned about results this early in the season.

We’re not going down, and we’re not going up this season, so let’s keep things as they are and build a foundation to look towards making a push next season, and that starts by keeping the manager in place.

So now I turn it over to you.

Are fans being too hasty in calling for Clotet’s head already? Or do you think he isn’t the man to take us forward?

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22 Replies to “Those fans calling for Pep’s head are fools to think he should be gone so soon – Opinion”

  • Hey Matthew, ok, I get where you and the fans are coming from, my take is no I don’t think pep should be sacked, not just yet, I do worry about results all throughout the season, every result matters at the end, we should have bought a decent striker before all other signings, which by the way I think are decent players, I get that pep is probably still accessing his best formation/team, but how long do you give him, we done good for 63ish minutes against a team that have a chance at promotion, what went wrong at half time that he didn’t motivate the players to keep doing what they were doing first half, I have to say for me, juke isn’t good enough, Morrison shouldn’t have been let hopes for this season is mid table, I don’t want blues to go up then back down the following season, you mentioned finance, it these owners can’t afford to own and run a championship team, then put the club up for sale, I actually think they do have blues best interests at heart, but football takes big money to keep going, try our new keeper, try our other young talent, what’s the worst thing that could happen, that may not happen this season any way.
    Blues fans are good passionate ppl, who just want to see us playing well, scoring goals, winning games

    • Fans need to get a grip! We’re 5 games in ffs! Go down ground and put some effort in and support them! They need to gel they need to learn. Ripping the lads to pieces this early is rediculas. Performances aren’t great but they can only get better. Rens a Muppet we all no!!! But that not the lads fault they go out and do what they’re told to do. So support them and hope and pray the confidence and trust from us in the stadium carries them through! KRO! (REMEMBER!)

  • I just want to the the team play half decent football, be competitive and give us something to cheer about. I have no expectations of the Play-Offs because at the moment we are simply not good enough to get in the top six. As I have mentioned before we are probably still not in a great position finacially so the Club still has to be guided by FFP Rules hence not the great outlay on players that so many fans wanted, basically we have to build a team from nothing really.One thing I do applaud is that we have not gone down the road of buying has been players at least we have invested for the future so I think patience is the key. As for the the Manager I like the rest of us on here have a open mind on him, I must admit I am baffled by some of his tactics, like yesterday when I thought a 4-4-2 would have been much better than 5-3-2, the Swansea manager did his homework on us and snuffed out our Wing Backs and Clotet should have seen this and changed the system at half time, like he should have done at Forest. As for Clotets position I dont know what to say, we all know he his Rens puppet so would he simply replace him with another puppet???? or could another Manager work under Ren ???? so my expectations are not that great,I will sit in my seat every Home game and just hope we can progress

  • Hurray!!!! At least Richard above has the courage to say that in his opinion Juke is not good enough and I agree with him, for he is what I call a journeyman Centre Forward, OK he will get you 10 or so goals a season but he is not a mobile, skilful player or pacy like a McBurnie or Maupay for instance, he his someone who tries his heart out but is very very limited and I would not build a Team around him.At least we have invested in younger players so give them a chance, put Trueman in goal and hope Clotet gets his tactics right occasionally

      • Blues without Juke are nothing.

        We cant blame Pep, he is a pupet.

        Against Swansea second half we looked like a poor non league side.

  • With 4 of the last 6 games resulting in 3 goals a game being conceding it shows we have no idea of how to defend and so our so called defenders are totally crap.
    The inclusion of Davis in the side means we are playing with 10 men from the off.
    He is the epitopmy of useless , cant pass, cant create, cant tackle, cant shoot !!
    Until these chinese wasters are ousted from the club, relegation will take place before any possible promotion.

    • There is only one question to be answered, and that is , loosing both away games 0-3 means that the team is not good enough.The two wing backs are not suited to that role and are players from the Spanish 2nd division equal to the championship.Clotet is obviously not signing these players but has to work with what he has.

      • The only person on this planet to bring bk the goodness of old times and beleaf. Would be a brummie. Who knows where the problem sickens me to death the bullshit people who come out with when we appoint somebody. I would love the job bcfc runs every where in my body.nobody is good enough out there to get us bk where we belong. I would I want that job. I’m a peoples person. But no mug. What I see I say.working class bloke who slogs his knackers of every week if he don’t projuice he’s out on his arse.every fan is being conned. Plz plz plz let me run this fantastic club. This club is a joke and its been 1 since 2011. It wants a blue nose in it..we are the best and biggest club in the midlands. Brummies are the best people on the planet moaners but the best.

  • Any decent non-puppet Head Coach coming into our club would halt things immediately. Survival is the only goal now even after 5 games. Monk,Rowett whoever would play the following formation:- Camp,Colin Roberts Dean Pedersen, Gardner(Gary) Davis Seddon, Crowley Villalba, Jutkiewicz. Target for the season 46 points.Already have seven so one point per game. Sounds negative alright but with this second rate influx of players that target is the best we can hope for.

  • I have a certain sympathy with Clotet, l sort of get what he’s trying to achieve, but it’s like trying to make a wedding cake with only half the ingredients required. The first half yesterday we looked half decent at times, but it was more about containment than actually attempting to win the game. So as soon as the first goal goes in, we’re facing an almost impossible task. Teams know how we’ll set up, but when we win possession we have very little pace in the team to play on the counter. On the evidence of what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to be a long hard season, particularly away from home.

  • Peps record and c v. Is of an underwhelme . It seems to me he signs Spanish 2nd division footballer’s who in some cases are not even in their clubs first team and are not suited for the championship. The first thing he should have done ls sign a replacement for adams however sacking him is not going to do anything because it will just mean the sad pathetic idiotic process. Begining all over again. With ever takes over will have to play the way the board dictates or be. Sacked. Making silk purses out of pigs ears the board have no idea.
    We have not progressed since T.T.A took over nor will we. Sign second division players from Spanish second sides guess what. You end up in the second division

    • I feel the manager has not got what it takes tactically got what it takes to push the club on. Two goals the keeper should have done better both at his near post the first it needed a stronger hand the second not making yourself large enough ,how many more goals over the season will he be at fault . What was the plan when he took a forward off and put gardner on at 2-0 down all respect to gardner but he is no striker, I’m sorry but fear the worst please prove me wrong.

  • Juke is not good enough? FFS he has no support from midfield and has two defenders on him. It’s very well defending Pep but he doesn’t come across as a tactical genius who will bring on a player to make a change on the field. He is just a yesman for TTA. He is a coach and not a manager and his experience shows. The team has been left lopsided with a lot of midfielders and a lack of strikers. You need to have a clear defined way of playing which we do not. The board want us to play a more expansive style of football but we can’t as they didn’t buy any players with pace (apart from Montero). At the moment we are just too slow in our play giving the opposition plenty of time to get back. The transfer policy of not getting a pacy striker in early and getting rid of Vassell is just Naive. Just where are the goals gonna come from. Pep has a difficult job on his hands but his team selection and tactics do not fill me with confidence. I think they’ll give Pep till October before Calm or Herrera take over. It’s not Peps fault he is inexperienced and not up to the job. I’m really hoping he can turn it around and everyone is singing Pep Clotets blue white army. The problem is the board and it’s interference in football matters.

  • Some of the optimism I keep reading , of how it’s early days etc is cobblers. I hate to admit that before a ball was kicked I backed Blues to be relegated. From what I’ve seen since I wish I’d doubled my investment! Before you ask I attended my first Blues match in 1953! I’ve seen it all and make no mistake this is Armageddon. Would love to loose my bet and someone great to come along and save us from these know nothing owners, not holding my breath!

      • Have been a semi pro gambler for more than 30 years. Many times have backed Blues over the years but taking a dispassionate view of the current situation it’s a complete disaster from top to bottom, they will go down. Make no mistake i will be as gutted as you and sincerely hope I lose my bet . I don’t bet in an emotional way

        • In the 70s 80s players where players we had jim smith 2or 3 players short of being a united of the midlands. The clit we have now won’t do anythink only make things worse than what they are. Why wait all this about players beding in is utter bollocks. Money is the real goal and not the badge. We hold the name to the city but we don’t do any think to make the city proud. Some think new wants to happen. Owners make contact. We are a sinking ship. The rite owners are here just want somebody like myself to have a face to face honest chatt and tell them what it wants to happen. Your not going to get any think from the clown running it the job. We shouldn’t be where we are there’s no desire no heart just taking the piss out the people who pay your crazy wages.there’s no manager out there any good . the players need a ruthless man in charge who they don’t know. See what happens. B.c.f.c. we love to sing and love to fight. Where’s the fight. When you of load this twat. Make contact brum mail. It can’t carry on like this its wrong get a 1 way ticket and send this clow home. Be worse than the pasta twat

  • Alan Jones you echo my words.People criticise supporters who know their stuff and one thing is for sure- Blues supporters such as yourself are no mugs. It doesn’t take weeks to work out what’s wrong and what is not.Trouble is Alan that this regime of ours is delusional and staff working beneath them are just lucky they have found jobs. Sadly they have little respect for themselves. If they did they simply would not operate this barmy self destructing policy with the blunt tools they have.

  • come on every manager that takes on the squad struggles . and most goals that go in against us are just inside the post …we must get a better positional sense of where the posts are to force shots nearer to camp as camp is not the tallest keeper ..perhaps this new centreback is better at positional placing ..but in saying that for 63 minutes i was proud of blues defence ..but we cant defend as we did until we are in front …and no shots on target was a disgrace ..i think montero will change this but come on give clotet a chance …kro

  • I feel it’s too early to start panicking about performances results time will tell. Trouble is I can’t see Pep Clotets getting that time.

  • You say you want us to be honest well here we are. we’ve been in this position and down at the bottom part of the championship table for too long.people are getting sick of it, we want to see money that’s been spent being spent in the right areas. And let’s face it there’s only one place we should be pushing for promotion and that’s all we should be looking at. With the players that we’ve got and the money that were capable of spending, my only question is why haven’t we got a top striker and why haven’t we got the top goalkeeper. Because with them two ends of the pitch covered we would be a really hard team to beat. Fact. Time to see blues at the top. Keep right on.

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