Date: 29th September 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Mark Day

There’s a fine line between being ‘flexible’ and ‘unstable’, and I think that Aitor Karanka is going to be flirting with that line a lot this campaign.

At least that’s my takeaway from Richard Wilford as he gave his assessment on how Blues look set to tweak things going forward throughout the campaign. We discussed last week about whether or not Birmingham City have perhaps too many options to choose from, following on from Brian Dicks’ piece about just how many combinations we have at our disposal.

And with the club deviating from the usual 4-2-3-1 to more of a 4-4-2 to accommodate Scott Hogan this weekend, it offers up the possibility that we might not be a rigid team this season, as Wilford explained to a fan on social media:

Blues will finish _____ than last season?





I think that it’s good to have options to fall back on, but as I said before I’d much rather that we have that one Plan A/default formation and personnel grouping first that we know we can rely on, and then make the adjustments from there, rather than going through a mass chop and change every week.

What about you? Do you want us to play 4-4-2 again going forward?

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One Reply to ““They’ll use it again”: Richard Wilford believes there’ll be more tweaks for Blues in the future”

  • Simple answer is if the two up front don’t get the ball we will be lucky to score goals. If we just stack our defence we may concede less goals but football is all about scoring goals to win games not just stopping the opposition scoring. Looks like under Karanka we will have a very boring season!!

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