Date: 13th November 2019 at 7:00pm
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I think this is a pretty convincing enough majority.

The timing of his latest mistake couldn’t have been worse for Lee Camp, as now it’s set to be the talk of the fan base for the next two weeks because of the international break. At least when he made his mistake against Wigan Athletic, everything got washed away a couple of days later with the victory over Middlesbrough.

With Pep Clotet saying after the game that he’s going to have words with Darryl Flahavan, the club goalkeeping coach about his mistake, it’s started to put some thoughts in people’s heads that Camp’s time in goal at St Andrew’s might officially be coming to an end.

It was on that note that @Blues_HQ asked fans if he should be dropped from the starting eleven, it got almost unanimous support from the fans, with fans pointing out that they have more than enough options to deal with the situation.

Should Lee Camp finally be dropped?





Long-time readers of this site will know that bringing in Moha Ramos would go down well in my books, but what about you? Who do you think should be in goal after the international break?

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2 Replies to ““There are options”: Lots of Blues fans call for change with “natural replacement” waiting”

  • In the couple of 1st Team games I saw Trueman play in at the start of last season I thought he did very well and seemed much more competent than Camp so why on earth he was never given a chance after all the blunders by Camp heaven knows, he really should have been told at the beginning of pre-season that he was going to get a extended run and if he was not rated why did he get a new contract ????

  • We lose the game and fans need someone to blame for it unfortunately the plane lands on camp. But you can see there’s a bowel leading up to that goal and Roberts is pushed into camp which makes him spill the ball the goal should never understood because it was a foul.

    So blame the referee don’t blame camp the bloke’s doing his best he’s not the best keeper in the world yes and he makes mistakes. So will anyone else make mistakes they only human at the end of the day. I could see Truman making lots of mistakes because his Young are we going to get on his back if he is putting all for every little mistake he makes blame him for the loss of points when really the Strikers should be putting the ball in the back of the net.

    Football is a team game and should be considered as such no one man should be blamed for their mistakes every single player on that pitch makes mistakes a bad touch hear a bad pass there. The same team game is a team effort it’s not down to 1 men so give camp a break. Yes we would like a better keeper yes we would like another striker yes we would need another centre-back. Would all like to improve every position on the pitch but we’ve got to be realistic so people need to shut up and stop blaming camp.

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