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“There are no words”, “clear agenda”- These Blues fans seething over a rather troubling report

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Lots of Blues fans have been reacting to some potentially worrying news that came out yesterday.

They just won’t go away will they?

According to a report from John Percy in The Telegraph, the EFL and the Blues are set to go into battle once again over some alleged financial irregularities, even though they were later cleared of the charge. However, the EFL are set to appeal the decision and according to the report, members in the club hierarchy are said to be ‘furious’ with the news and preparing their next step.

Well, it’s not just those that are in charge at the club that are angry over the news, the news appears to have touched a nerve.

Are you getting tired of these battles with the EFL and other clubs?





Having had run-ins with the EFL before over monetary issues, it looks as if this is the final straw for the St Andrew’s faithful as they tore into the governing body on social media for their stance on the whole affair.

I wonder how many more times we’re going to have to run in to these guys in the near future?

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  • dave says:

    I’ve been doing a little bit of checking and in the last three seasons we’ve been awarded just 8 penalties (inc just 2 so far this season), four seasons ago we were awarded 12 in one season………..no wonder some Birmingham City fans are beginning to think there’s now a co-ordinated vendetta against the club. We seem to have been on the wrong end of a lot of strange decisions in the three seasons where the EFL have had issues with us, now whether it’s a co-ordinated vendetta or whether it’s just FL referees being subconsciously influenced by the EFLs seemingly continued attempts to relegate us from the Championship I wouldn’t like to guess but there certainly appears to be something untoward over the last three seasons!

    BCFC HAVE reduced costs since the 9 point deduction and will be reducing costs further this season as a number of high earners are due to come to the end of their overpriced contracts so why are the EFL still continuing to, what appears to be, victimise one club. We had a striker last season who couldn’t stop scoring and, due to the PL clubs being ‘inadvertently’ tipped off by the EFL, offered derisory amounts for that striker; we held firm and finally sold him for nearly twice the amounts being offered thereby maximising our revenue so where have we NOT increased our revenue stream in line with FFP?!

    This is now very much beginning to look like a personal vendetta by the EFL, if they continue to do things like this at a time when FL clubs across the country are looking at whether their loss of finances could mean they go out of business then FL clubs up and down the country have got to start asking if the EFL really do have the clubs interests at heart, or just their own ego!!

    The EFL really need to have a good long look at themselves and ask themselves if they are working for the football clubs or are the football clubs working for them, likewise the clubs need to start asking the same questions and if the answer is the latter then maybe look to put pressure on the EFL to reform by threatening to form a new organisation that makes the EFL defunct if needs be.

  • Michael Tomkinson says:

    if we appealed the decision if we had lost they would have increased the penalty , so if we win this appeal by efl we should get back a portion of previous points deducted as its obvious the have a issue outside this with blues, if i was blues i would look at suing the efl for infringement of business and undermining there own rules if allowing fair play for teams. why has sheffield & derby issues not been resolved yet they still target us, they were the cause of our issues by not doing a fit and proper investigation to previous owners, ffp/efl should be investigated and brought to book over unfair handling of situations , ie QPR bought their way out of this and other clubs have spent well over what we did ie one local club not to be mentioned , favouritism comes to mind

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      I like that idea of doubling the punishment in some way. How about we start next season on 5 points?

  • steve says:

    These constant nightmares are never going away. Ever since the Gold/Sullivan sale it has been issue after issue. Things were bad before the Gold/Sullivan purchase but I think we all felt that at last someone is going to invest and put us back where we belong, and invest they did. Some dodgy manager appointments but ground improvements, decent player purchases, improved community involvement and excellent connections for bringing in loan players. If your looking for vendettas you can add Birmingham City Council to that list. I don’t think the EFL liked the blame we laid at their feet for not checking correctly into the Gold/Sullivan sale, were they favouring West Ham ? What else is lurking below the surface.

  • Griff says:

    Bent self serving b**tards! F**k EFL! This ought to create a siege mentality at the club. We’re not only competing against other reams, we’re competing against the EFL and the bent refs (with their EFL agenda)

  • Robert Blenkiron says:

    Absolutely disgusting vindictive and definitely looks as if the EFL have an agenda when it comes to BCFC .
    At all costs they want to see the ruination of our club was the deduction of nine points last season not enough ? NO .Now after trying to force us to sell players for below market prices in what can only be described as an armature like proposed business plan . Who is running the EFL ? And whilst all their energies are focused on BCFC why are so many other clubs being overlooked for irregularities?

  • Paul Adey says:

    Efl should be run out of town. They have seen clubs go to the wall, a vendetta against bcfc. So every football club, put a motion forward that the efl is not fit for purpose
    We all know the ones that are outside the rules.
    F..k the EFL and investigate them.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    I have a feeling the EFL will just keep appealing till they get the verdict they want. Its a nasty Vendetta against our club . Teams like Derby Leads QPR Villa pay them to tern a blind eye. We don’t so we get published. The hole football Association is corrupt. There was a panorama investigation due to be aired next month. It was investigating not just the EFL but the whole entire Football Association. And how Man city made so-called generous donation to their fund in order to get off lightly on their charges. How Villa also made these donations Derby also made these donations. We are one of the clubs that would not make these donations so-called donations that are against the rules they are bribes. Unfortunately the Panorama episode will not air air yet because it has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. It had not passed final editing procedures I’m sure it will come out bourbon eventually.

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